Starlink unexpectedly and exaggeratedly increases prices for satellite Internet

Starlink recently announced that the home Internet service they offer will increase in price. Users who thought so Your satellite roaming service were going to save themselves from rising costs, they had already proven themselves wrong. In an email they were informed of a sharp increase in cost, which did not actually decrease, but quite the opposite.

Another price increase

At the moment, it looks like the cost of these services is increasing. take place in the USA, but it would be logical in a way that they would also affect the rest of the world. The tariff increase will affect both subscribers who signed up for the service earlier and those who purchase it in the future.

Starlink satellite internet connection installed in the building

As we pointed out, this is not a small increase since it is $200 per month. Global satellite internet service currently costs $200 and with this increase it will become have a fee of $400 per month. Even taking into account the specifics and efficiency of the service, we are talking about a 50% increase, which we did not expect, which is not entirely pleasant. This applies, as we indicated, to the Starlink Roam tariff.

There’s time to think about it

The good news is that Starlink provides good margins so users can consider whether they want to stay subscribed or cancel. Although the letter has already arrived informing about price increases, will come into force no earlier than August 16. This leaves users with almost three months to do the math and decide whether to continue or not.

Users using a roaming plan Starlink does this because of its many advantages, such as overcoming any regional restrictions they face. This means that those who sign up for this plan can use the Starlink Internet Kit anywhere without any restrictions after paying the $599 it costs.

Message from Starlink about price increases in May 2024

Why is there such a sharp rise in prices? One possible reason is connection usage. SpaceX discovered users who they committed some violations with the same thing. For example, they used it at sea instead of paying the Boat Tax, which is for use on boats. In addition, there were some people who also used it to circumvent the rules set by governments, which does not fall under what Starlink expects from its users when contracting the service.

Unofficially, it is said that it is possible that the price increase is a plan to force users resorting to such practices to stop doing so. Or at least Starlink will receive compensation if their services continue to be abused, as has happened in some cases. In any case, it’s important to consider that Starlink’s ship offering is still above $400, so it’s likely that things won’t change much other than giving them more benefits.

Yacht style boat sailing on the sea

Recently, as we said, prices have also increased for US users in some bandwidth-constrained regions, for whom the monthly cost has increased. from 90 dollars to only 120 dollars. With these changes, it appears that Starlink is aiming to achieve higher levels of profitability and organize its services in a way that it can live up to its expectations.

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