Statement from FC Barcelona

The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona met this Thursday for a regular meeting at the central offices and decided:

Recognition of the figure of Javi Hernandez

FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta opened the call by expressing to the Board of Directors his gratitude to Xavi Hernandez for facilitating his contract as first team coach and once again expressing his gratitude for a job well done.

Confirmation of ticket prices and attendance models for the next 2024/25 season at the Luis Companys Olympic Stadium and Spotify Camp Nou.

The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona has approved a pricing and attendance model for the upcoming 2024/25 season, which includes all the details of the return to Spotify Camp Nou, including the seating model and pricing. The approved model is based on a survey of members conducted to understand their preferences and be able to work towards this, based on key findings presented at the last joint meeting of members on April 11.

For Luis Companys Olympic Stadium passes, prices for the 23/24 season are maintained using the relevant CPI and are equivalent to half a season. Agreed prices: Tribune (449 euros); Side (258 euros); North Corners (232 euros), North Vision Corners 80% (181 euros), South Corners (232 euros) and South Vision Corners 80% (181 euros); Gol Norte (186 euros), Gol Norte Vision 80% (132 euros), Gol Sur (186 euros) and Gol Sur Vision 80% (132 euros); Lateral PMR (258 euros) and PMR Gol Sur (186 euros); and finally the EDA animation stand (90 euros). The price calculation was made taking into account the fact that the player will spend half the season at the Luis Companys Olympic Stadium. Automatic renewal will take place if the calendar is extended.

As was already announced when work began on the renovation of the stadium, upon return to Spotify Camp Nou the facility will not be 100% accessible and only the first and second stands will be temporarily available. Capacity will be approximately 60% and 85% of seats, excluding VIP seating and competition requirements, will be for season ticket holders. The Club has therefore decided to opt for a variable seating model, with zone selection and confirmation of attendance to be carried out on a match-by-match basis in the event that demand exceeds the number of seats available. Therefore, the Seient Lliure option is not provided. The prices set for return passes on Spotify Camp Nou adapt to the new distribution of zones at the Stadium, but maintain the prices of the 2022/23 season with an increase in the accumulated CPI. In addition, as in the case of the Luis Companys Olympic Stadium, the calculation takes into account the planning of the half-season game on Spotify Camp Nou. Regarding the grandstand, the distribution of space and the agreed prices are as follows: Grandstand 1 Central (695 euros); Grandstand 1 (625 euros); Grandstand 2 Central (755 euros); Grandstand 2 (685 euros). For the lateral option: lateral 1 central (435 euros); Side 1 (400 euros); Lateral 2 Central (463 euros); Side 2 (435 euros). Regarding the goals: Goal 1 (260 euros); Goal 2 (295 euros); EDA – animation space – (110 euros). And finally, corners: corner 1 (333 euros); Corner 2 (355 euros).

As part of this preliminary return to the stadium, all FC Barcelona season ticket holders will be entitled to a seat, as well as 3,240 non-season ticket holders who have demonstrated their commitment to the club for the 2023/24 season and have received a pass to the Estadio Luiz. Olympic Stadium of the Company. The selection of a location will be preliminary and will not constitute a final selection of a location at the future Spotify Camp Nou stadium. Subscriber members who decide to continue their holiday and are not given a pass to temporarily return to Barça’s new home will retain their rights to a final appointment.

As reported, the 17,902 participants with a Montjuic pass will have priority in choosing an area over other pass holders.

Call to the Barça Senate on June 12

The Board of Directors approved the convening of the next session of the Barça Senate for next Wednesday, June 12. The Senate of FC Barcelona is a collegial and honorary body of an advisory nature, consisting of the first thousand members of the Club. The function of the Senate is to give advice and make recommendations on all matters brought before it by the President and the Board of Directors.

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