States-USA: Rihanna conquers China with the Fenty Beauty brand

Singer Rihanna is an ambitious woman. Introducing two Savage lingerie brands

Rihanna launches her Fenty Beauty brand in China

Barbadian singer Rihanna is a fucking woman with her son, American rapper Asap Rocky. Pair plus qu’heureux a deux gosses ZA and Riot Rose, aged 2, 9 and 9 months respectively. In addition to being a music star, the 36-year-old artist is also the accomplice of a professional woman.

As a businesswoman, Rihanna is actively involved in several ventures, including the cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty and lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. Bien que nourris, the singer cannot have any influence on travel outside Etats-Unis or her company with her son to promote these products fairly.

In fact, the businesswoman who heads a cosmetics empire that Forbes estimates to be worth $2.8 billion is scheduled to appear on March 21 in the popular Republic of China plus, specifically in Shanghai, on the occasion of an event to promote the cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty. Today La Chine represents the world’s second largest beauty market. Rihanna’s appearance is marked in the “618” campaign (June 18), the events of the most important country. The occasion featured three live videos on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, and he later helped prepare jianbing, a popular Chinese pancake.

In addition, Rihanna is also having fun with people she knows as content creator Marcelo Wang, as well as members of the K-pop group Seventeen, Jun. In a photo posted by a young man on Instagram, the voice of Rihanna in her dresses is the tenant of the boy band’s latest album, Best Album 17 Is Right Here. The post received more than 1.2 million likes.

Cependant, la star et son amour pour la Chine remonte in 2011 or the grace of chanson ”We found Love”phonetically translated as “weifang de ai”, which means “Weifang’s love”, lui a permis de gagner le surnom de “reine de Shandong”, une est de la China dans laquelle se found Weifang.

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