Statue of Copper, one of the hidden treasures of ancient Egypt

Among the amazing treasures of Pharaonic art that are preserved There is a statue that has been displayed in secret in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo corner On the ground floor, especially in Gallery 42, dedicated to the art of the Old Kingdom, a piece that may go unnoticed by visitors in a hurry. It is a sycamore wood statue, certainly by an unknown author, 112 centimeters high, representing a high official of the Wei Dynasty (2435–2306 BC) named Kapar.

The copper statue is round in shape and The character is shown standing as a somewhat obese man (Remember that obesity was synonymous with high social status in ancient Egypt) middle age, with early baldness, left foot forward, in walking posture, leaning on a long pole and wearing a skirt. The eyes are made from inlays of copper, rock crystal, alabaster and obsidian, and the weapons were assembled later.

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