Steam is offering these 3 new free games that you can claim forever and indefinitely.

Steam is getting 3 new free games in February, and they’re now always available to claim from our game library.

Steam is offering these 3 new free games that you can claim forever and indefinitely.
Steam is giving away three new games for free forever

We are halfway through the first full week of February 2024, which just a few weeks ago seemed very far away. Be that as it may, there are things that do not change no matter what month we are in, such as the fact that the major PC gaming platforms do not stop receiving free games, as is the case with Steam. Of course, there are also free mobile games on other platforms that are worth mentioning, but in this post we present to you new list of offers that don’t cost a single euro and this could be demand at any time And forever from the Valve store.

Exactly, we bring new list of 3 new free games it could be claim eternal and unlimited time on Steam. The truth is that February is quite colorful, and there are more than a few new additions to the Valve platform. For the same reason we wanted select 3 specific offers it might make your week a little more bearable.

These three games are new to Steam and can now be claimed forever and indefinitely.


This BladeBound is a free role-playing game. which brings us to fantasy world in which we can use various skills such as the ability to use elemental powers. Likewise, you can also create legendary teams with which we can confront dangerous threats which introduces us to the world of the title. Actually this game can also be watched on mobile phoneson both Android and iOS.

“Darkness falls upon the once peaceful kingdom of men. Heroes have fallen, but the battle continues. You are the Bound of the Blade, the last hope of a defeated order.. Resurrected by the Guardians, the mighty goddess, you are destined to restore peace to a war-torn world. Prepare for an epic journey to claim the glory of your fallen brothers.”

Download BladeBound for FREE on Steam


In this case we offer you this Tangleswhich gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into adventure with plenty of psychological horror and is accompanied by more than wonderful graphics that help build more than ideal setting for a proposal of this type. Personally, I without a doubt think this game is the most interesting on this list.

“In the heart of an isolated island, an abandoned camp serves as the site of a mysterious military mission. A team of 8 soldiers arrives for this mission. In the first days of preparation for the mission The Basel soldier suffered a serious injury that left him in a long coma.. Waking up, he discovers an amazing reality: everyone in the camp disappearedleaving behind a trail of mysterious secrets.”

Download Tangles for FREE on Steam

Dream of Star Haven

To finish we have this Dream of Star Haventitle which was recently released as early access, so if you download it and play it, you can watch its evolution from that point until the game is completed. In this regard, we can additionally point out that this first person platformerwhere we can meet elements of exploration, some puzzles and some combatalthough this is not the main purpose of the proposal.

A magical odyssey through the celestial islands as you soar gracefully. and in the end even you bend gravity to your willgiving you the opportunity to literally turn your dream world upside down. Explore stunning floating islands with gravity-defying agility. Discover the stars scattered across the islands using your magic scanner to reveal the hidden secrets of heaven“.

Download Dream of the Star Haven for FREE on Steam

It ends here new list of 3 new free games what can you demand forever and unlimited time on Steam. Of these three suggestions, I’m sure some will make your week more bearable.

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