Steam is offering these 3 new free games that you can claim forever and indefinitely.

If you don’t know what to play this weekend, Steam is bringing us new free game deals that can be downloaded for as long as we want.

Steam is offering these 3 new free games that you can claim forever and indefinitely.
Steam is giving away these three new games for free forever

Already It’s the middle of the weekend and this allows us to rest and recharge when Monday arrives, as well as having more time to enjoy our favorite forms of entertainment, such as watching movies, TV series or video games, For example. In this sense, if you are a regular PC gamer and don’t already have a game in your bedroom to spend the weekend with, you will probably be interested in this post in which we present you with a new selection of free games. forever on Steam, a platform that has been in the news recently for changing its mind and accepting games with AI-generated content.

It’s worth noting that it’s possible that if you go to the free to play section of the Valve platform you’ll find other zero cost games that have just been released, but we, taking into account that this post was made on a Friday afternoon, We wanted to pick 3 free games that have recently or are about to hit Steam. what we managed to choose before the weekend. Remember that all these offers can be requested for an unlimited time.

Steam is giving away these 3 new games for free forever and indefinitely.

Raid: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play collectible RPG with over 800 playable champions and 8 game modes.. Answer the call of the Mediator and protect the dark fantasy world of Teleria.” On their official Steam page they add the following: “The Kingdom of Teleria trembles under the shadow of the Dark Lord Orphan.. The Mediator, the immortal guardian of Teleria, asked you to stop him. Help her!”

“Immerse yourself in a turn-based RPG with 8 exciting game modes and tons of character customization options. Enjoy a campaign that Follow the story, competitive PvP matches with players from all over the world, and new challenges. constantly with our updates.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for FREE on Steam


Lasers is a free multiplayer game about surviving in deadly mazes using lasers.Only one player can win, will it be you?” It’s also worth noting that in this game we’ll have to dodge lasers if we don’t want to die in games for up to 10 players. After all, the goal is to be the last player standing. He also has more than 20 levelswhich is not bad for a free game developed by a small development studio.

Download Lasers for FREE on Steam

Summoner War: Sky Arena

A globally successful role-playing game that has captivated summoners around the world.! Travel to the Heavenly Arena, a world of battles for mana crystals. Create your own deck and strategy with 1500 monsters. claim victory. Embark on an epic adventure with your monsters!”

Download Summoners’ War: Sky Arena for FREE on Steam

Here’s the new list 3 New Free Games You Can Claim Forever & Unlimited Time on Steam. However, we hope that some of these games will help you have a good time this weekend.

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