Stimulus checks to be delivered in the United States this October

The states of the union continue to offer help to their inhabitants to face the current inflation. The rise in prices in recent months has been drastic and negatively affects the actions of families in all corners of the country.

Here we tell you about the states that plan to issue stimulus checks next October. An invaluable financial aid if we take into account that we are about to enter the last quarter of this year.

Which states will send checks and how much will they pay? How to request a check?

The first payments in California will arrive this October. Married couples with children will receive an economic stimulus check for $1,050.00 USD.

The exact amount to be received will be subject to the income declared by the taxpayers. Those who earn less than $75,000.00 USD per year will get $350.00 USD in aid.

Those who earn between $75,000.00 USD and $125,000.00 USD annually, and couples who earn up to $250,000.00 USD will receive $250.00 USD per contributor.

In Hawaii, the stimulus check will be directly related to each person’s income. Residents who earned less than $100,000.00 USD in 2021 will receive a $300.00 USD tax refund. The same will happen if a joint declaration is made.

An interesting fact is that dependents are also eligible to purchase this stimulus check.

Property and income tax refunds are now being sent in Illinois. Those who have earned less than $200,000.00 USD in 2021 will receive $50.00 USD.

Meanwhile, couples who file a joint return with income below $400,000.00 USD will get $100.00 USD. Dependents are also eligible.

Checks in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia

In New York direct payments of $270.00 USD are already being sent from this month, a process that will continue in October. Those who benefited from the Empire State Child Credit and/or Earned Income Credit on their 2021 tax returns are eligible.

In Pennsylvania, the Income and Property Tax Refund Program applies. The limit to receive is $650.00 USD.

Finally, in the state of Virginia, those eligible will receive a check for $250.00 USD or $500.00 USD, depending on the case, in October. This applies to single taxpayers and married couples, respectively.

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