Strange coffins in the Havana Children’s Park have caused a stir on social networks

The appearance of strange coffins in a children’s park in Havana caused a stir on social networks, where Cubans wondered if it was a terrible joke and asked for explanations.

Internet user Beatriz Alonso said on Facebook that she was concerned about the new items in the recreational facility and asked the Marianao government to explain “what do these half-buried coffins in the Children’s Park at 100 and 35 mean.”

He also said that from that place he erased all the cartoons painted on the walls, including those of Elpidio Valdés and other Cuban characters.

Similarly, he asked about the new “Timberiches” that were placed on the other side of the facility, adding that it was a store of horrors.

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To his surprise, a representative of the Marianao government responded immediately, as well as a private entrepreneur who claims to own the project to renovate the park, and even sent him a sketch of how it would look. Will be visible.

It clarifies that the park will be themed and will include the country’s first scare house, with climbing walls, zip lines, an ice cream parlor and reading areas.

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The businessmen in charge said, “The park at 100 and 33 is in the process of renovation and construction by Olix Srl Group. Our company is dedicated to the design and construction of theme and adventure parks and has been established for many years.”

“This park will have our country’s first horror-themed house, climbing walls, zip lines or umbrellas, an ice cream parlor, areas for reading, light gastronomy and an exhibition area for finished products sold by our company, ” Add answer.

Another park last year was Jalisco Park in Vedado. Reopened under private management With inflatable equipment and other venues, access to which is prohibitively expensive for many Cuban families.

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