Stroke, our favorite snack is fatal – stay away from it

Stroke and food: our favorite snack is fatal. That’s why we need to stay away from it. Consuming it could be fatal and increase the risk.

Stroke, fatal snack –

What are the environmental and genetic factors that can favor the onset of cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases and cancer? The researchers of the Moli-sani Studyconducted by the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention ofNeuromed Institute of Pozzilli (Isernia) wanted to answer this question with particular reference to the increase in risk of a stroke or second heart attackoften with a fatal outcome for those previously affected by cardiovascular disease.

What are the dangerous foods that increase this risk?

Stroke and the fatal snack: the study

The Moli-sani study involved 25 thousand citizens of Molise. Of these 25 thousand, the study followed in particular 1,171 people who, at the beginning of the research (which lasted 10 years), were already suffering from a cardiovascular disease.

The result of this research is clear: to consume ultra-processed foods (chips, snacks, snacks, cold cuts, sausages, ready and pre-cooked meals, fizzy and sugary drinks) increases the risk of a second heart attack or a stroke in subjects who have already been affected by cardiovascular diseases. People who eat too many processed foods, while following a Mediterranean diet, run the same risk.

fatal snack stroke
fatal snack stroke

Among the various ultra-processed foods, we also find crackers, breakfast cereals, fruit yogurt. Most people think that, for example, i crackers are healthy products: the study analyzed the contribution of some substances such as sweeteners, preservatives, flavor enhancers, antioxidants, dyes, preparation and storage process regardless of nutritional values of these products.

What did the researchers discover? What does the study suggest? Let’s find out.

What does the study suggest?

The snack consumed occasionally does not affect the risk of stroke or second heart attack: it affects the daily and excessive consumption of ultra-processed foods that increases the risk by 65%. The probability of dying from other causes is also high (40%).

fatal snack stroke

The how food is prepared and stored it is essential: legumes are healthy foods but those precooked or loaded with preservatives are bad for your health. Pre-cooked vegetables and greens do not have the same nutritional value as fresh ones and are harmful to health.

A diet based on fresh, healthy, nutritious and poorly processed products can save our lives: the traditional Mediterranean diet, moreover, has taught us this for centuries.

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