Study finds Megan Fox’s ring is the most popular celebrity engagement ring

Megan Fox’s engagement ring sparks global trend: Glamira study

Promoting a global trend, Megan Fox’s engagement ring has become the most popular celebrity engagement ring around the world. This discovery comes as a result of new research conducted by Glamira, a company specializing in personalized jewelry. The study used Ahrefs’ tool to measure average monthly search volume for various celebrity engagement rings, which resulted in more than 17,000 searches per month for Fox’s ring being recorded.

The revival of Toi et Moi engagement rings

The 18-karat Toi et Moi (You and Me)-themed engagement ring was given to Fox by her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. Since its debut during the couple’s proposal in Puerto Rico in 2022, the ring has generated widespread interest in Toi et Moi engagement rings. This rise in popularity aligns with current trends in celebrity-inspired stones, colors and shapes, making the Toi et Moi style a 2022 engagement ring trend.

Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings That Set Trends

The goal of Glamira’s research was to identify the most popular and iconic celebrity engagement rings, and to understand the impact of these rings on current fashion trends. By estimating the search volume of various celebrity engagement rings, the study provides insight into consumer preferences and the influence of celebrities on fashion and lifestyle choices.

The Power of Celebrities

Celebrities have long influenced public opinion and consumer trends. The overwhelming global interest in Megan Fox’s engagement ring is a testament to this influence. Celebrity fans around the world are eager to emulate their favorite celebrities, and the fashion and jewelry industries are quickly adapting to these trends. Such is the power of celebrity influence that a single engagement ring ignited a global trend, steering consumer preferences toward Toi et Moi style.

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