Study the WORLD and the party at the same time: is it possible?

More than six months have passed since Mar Sanchez received his M.D. University of Girona and changed the race notes to those that were WORLD 2024 meaning date: next January 20th. With less than two weeks until the exam, she’s “very proud” of herself looking back on all this time. And on the same day that this formative “journey” began, he received bad news about a family member’s healthbut he knew how to overcome adversity and focus on studying although with realistic perspective: “I told myself that there are more important things in life, and that it was logical that at that moment everything would not go the way I expected, nothing would happen if it went wrong.”

Free time while preparing MIR

With this approach in mind, Sanchez embarked on a journey in which he learned strike a balance find as many as possible moments to switch off. “I was partying just as much, if not more, in preparation for the WORLD than I was in my final years of college,” he tells us. At the end of training, which usually fell on Saturday, an inner voice always told him the same thing: “I need a beer.” Her friends joked with her that she was “losing her neurons,” but they all knew it at the time.The importance of quality rest for healthier and more efficient work.

But the situation changed as the calendar developed, and Study hours take up more and more time throughout the day. “You get into a dynamic where you have less and less, you are given subjects to repeat with more syllabus, you see that you are falling behind and you want to watch everything. And you reduce your free time, although it shouldn’t be that way,” he says.

“You get into a dynamic where you have less and less, you are given subjects to repeat with more syllabus, you see that you don’t show up (…) and you reduce your free time.”

At this stage of the “year of PEACE” he realizes that he still has strength left, because works better under pressure. Despite this, he claims to be “absolutely clear” that he always needs eight hours of sleep: “If one day I finish studying at 10:30 p.m., go to bed at 12 p.m., and have to get up at 8:00 a.m.” . morning and start studying later, I do that,” he says. He also makes a point of respecting his Sunday breaks.

Despite this, last segment This journey was marked by accumulated fatigue. “Every day it’s getting harder and harder for me to get out of bed, I end up snoozing ten alarms“, he tells us. He month december Due to the holidays, it was more difficult even for her, who, according to her, She doesn’t particularly like Christmas.. “Because the library opened at different times, I studied at home in the mornings and was pressed for time, and each day started a little later,” he recalls. It also adds the opportunity to see her family and friends “getting together or traveling” while she only saw her notes on her desk.

Anesthesiology or intensive care medicine?

In the moment choose a specialty, Sanchez is referring to two callings that emerged at different times in his career. The first is “Anesthesia”, which caught his attention during first years of university study after giving up idea of ​​becoming a neurosurgeon what I had at the beginning. But another worry was added to her mind when she completed her 4th year of internship: critical care medicine, to the point where she describes herself as “in love with the specialty.”

“Everyone says they are two very similar specialties, although the quality of life is better in anesthesiology, where there are more opportunities,” he explains. However, his “heart” leads him to work in Intensive care unit (ICU). Despite this, he prefers to put off this dilemma until he understands his real options: “When I know the score for these four months, I will think a little about what my life is like,” he concludes.

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