Subject kills two women with a knife after a violent argument in Puerto Ordaz

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Neighbors in the Orinoco urbanization (Castillito), Cachamay parish, in Puerto Ordaz, reported to the authorities – at about 10:00 am this Thursday, that a man attacked two women with a knife in the midst of a violent discussion.

By: Corio del Caroni

The attack took place at house number 12 on Puerto la Cruz Street in a populated area, where the people involved are tenants. The attacker, a man of about 65 years old and who responds to the name Jose, attacked María Caña, 63 years old, who was taken to the Dr. Americo Babo Hospital in Ferromínera Orinoco, where she arrived without any vital symptoms.

The second victim, identified as Tibisay Rojas, was seriously injured and was taken to Uyapar Hospital, where she died during surgery for multiple injuries.

Eyewitnesses to the incident claim that the attacker cut off Tibisay’s hands with a weapon and left several deep wounds on his legs and face.

arrest of murderer

After committing the violent act, the culprit hid in his house and threatened with weapons the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) officers who tried to enter the house.

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