Sunday Bonoloto: results for January 21, 2024

Sunday, January 21, 2024, 8:30 p.m.

Bonoloto draw results for today, Sunday, January 21, 2024, as soon as the draw ends. Thus, you can find out online from 21:30 the numbers of the winning combination of the draw, additional and return.

Bonoloto Prizes

In Bonoloto, 55% of the income is allocated to prizes, divided into the following prize categories:

1st category: if all 6 numbers of the winning combination match.

2nd category: if 5 numbers of the winning combination are matched plus the draw corresponding to the additional number.

3rd category: if 5 numbers of a winning combination match.

4th category: if 4 numbers of a winning combination match.

5th category: if 3 numbers of a winning combination match.

Refund: If the number allocated for this prize matches the number on your ticket and will apply to the total amount of bets you have entered. Weekly Drawing: Refunds for subscriptions or weekly drawings will be determined by the winning number in the Friday drawing. Daily Draw: Refunds for daily entries will be determined by the winning drawing number on the day of entry.

If there are several winners in one category, the corresponding prize will be distributed equally among the winners of this category. If during distribution it happens that the lower category receives a higher prize at a rate than the higher category, then the fund of both categories will be combined and distributed equally among all winners of the two categories.

Prizes expire three months from the day following the last drawing in which wagers are entered.


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How to collect Bonoloto?

While enjoying your luck in the drawing, you need to keep your cool and prepare everything to get the ticket. For prizes worth less than €2,500 the relevant administration will be contacted and for other prizes the winner will need to bring the bet receipt to the bank and present their ID. These types of prizes are subject to identification and do not require a bank account. Payment can be made by depositing into an account, cash, bank transfer or check.

What if I play halfway through with a lot of people? In bets with prizes equal to or greater than €2,500, you will have to go to the bank with each person’s ID to identify yourself and be able to cash the check.

Treasury deductions

From 1 January 2020, prizes worth less than €40,000 are tax-free. That is, of the 40,0001 euros, the Treasury will retain 20% of the total collection amount.

One tip for getting a prize if it’s split is to go to the pot with both winners with the tenth prize in hand. This will be a gift voucher where the bank will share the proceeds and it will only be paid to the Treasury once. If money is given away after receiving a prize, donation tax must be paid.

What is Bonoloto?

Bonoloto circulation belongs to state lotteries and bets. This unique gambling game was born in 1988 as one of the variants of another great state lottery and betting game – La Primitiva. In the case of Bonoloto, it was cheaper to participate in the draw seven days a week. Therefore, it was widely known as the “little sister” of La Primitiva.. The first draw took place on February 28, 1988, with a bet price of 25 pesetas.

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