Super Bowl LVII | What have been the most expensive shows in history?

The halftime show of super bowl It is one of the most important and emblematic shows that any recognized artist or who is in the world of music aspires to reach. But getting there is not easy, because once you are chosen for it, you must think about all that this implies, do something memorable and that will go down in posterity, thinking of that select group of artists who left their mark on Halftime.

In it Super Bowl LVII Halftime will be in charge of Rihanna, who will have to think about how to overcome the past halftime show, where it not only has a great burden in terms of the presence of singers, but also because of what it must show on stage to amaze everyone or the choreography with which it will be presented. But it goes much further than all that, because it really is about the budget that is used to make it happen.

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