Superfood, suitable for diabetics, replaces sugar, helps with weight loss and slows down aging.

Superfood, suitable for diabetics, replaces sugar, helps with weight loss and slows down aging.

They are known assuperfoods for those with timeshares that promote health when consumed frequently, as well as numerous benefits to your health.The options depend on each person’s needs and goals. You can use this type of product for a sore throat, improving vision, or fighting fatigue. There are also options for diabetics, vegetarians or people at risk of cardiovascular disease.


Lucuma This is one of those superfoods that can be added to most common dishes and is easy to include in your diet. In this case they may be great ally for diabetics. It is the fruit of the Lucumo tree and, due to its delicious taste, is widely used as a sweetener in desserts and sweets. For this reason, it is a good substitute for sugar. In addition to being a fruit, it is sold as a powder supplement that can be added to dishes such as juices, breakfasts, desserts, baked goods, or smoothies. It can be found in supermarkets.

Lucuma contains essential microelements for the functioning of the body. The most notable minerals due to their concentration in lucuma are zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. In the Peruvian jungle, lucuma is used as a home remedy for diabetes because, among other benefits,This wonderful fruit helps regulate blood glucose levels.

In addition, the high content of beta-carotene makes lucuma a powerful natural antioxidant responsible for protecting the dermis from damage caused by solar radiation. The main cause of skin aging. Helps improve skin health and appearance; acts as a powerful anti-aging agent, increasing firmness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Plus, like most superfoods, itgreat ally for weight loss: Lucuma is used in weight loss diets and is also taken by those who want to avoid harm to the body. sugar consumption. It is used instead and makes our recipes less fatty, helping to shed extra pounds and satisfy certain cravings. In addition, its protein and fiber content increases the feeling of fullness and prevents us from snacking between meals.

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