Surround sound without cables and monstrous power

Even the most expensive premium TV needs a good sound system to provide full audiovisual quality. The new JBL Bar 1300 has the necessary qualities to allow the user to enjoy surround sound without the need for a complex and cumbersome installation. However, this €1,500 soundbar isn’t perfect, and in this analysis we’re going to do a full review of its strengths and some of its downsides.

In terms of design, the Bar 1300 is extremely discreet. The entire set is a dark gray mix of plastic and metal that won’t clash with any living room, but won’t stand out either. The bar is huge: At 1.4 meters long, it’s almost as long as the 77-inch TV we tested it with when the surround speakers are mounted in the center cabinet. The subwoofer is also huge, with a power output of 300 watts. and the only downside of which is that it is made of plastic, which works against it if the user intends to use it at its maximum power.

This great soundbar comes with plenty of connections. All of them are on the rear panel and include 4 HDMI ports, three of which are compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision with a maximum quality of 4K at 60 frames per second, and the fourth is eARC, allowing you to calibrate audio directly from the TV remote. In addition, it also has an optical audio input, Bluetooth 5.0, and a USB port. although the latter in the European version is only for updates.

The kit includes a simple and intuitive remote control to switch between different sources, control the sound and perform its initial calibration so that it adapts to the room in which it will be installed. Everything else, including calibration or managing compatibility with smart and connected systems such as Alexa, Google Chromecast or Spotify Connect, must be done through the mobile app. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network and using your phone is very easy.

Power and versatility

The JBL Bar 1300 is one of the few devices on the market with 11.1.4 channels distributed throughout the audio system. offer a unique immersive experience, compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D. The main body houses 6 track amplifiers, 3 tweeters and 4 upstream amplifiers, which work together to radiate sound in different directions and achieve a very successful 3D effect, turning movies and video games compatible with these formats into a truly enjoyable experience with immersive effect.

The experience is completed by removing the two surround speakers, which are magnetized to the main body, and placing them behind the user. Without the need for bulky cables, the 360 ​​effect is achieved thanks to wireless connectivity and a battery that lasts approximately 10 hours. Additionally, these small speakers are quite powerful (110W each) and can also be connected to a computer or tablet as a sound system.

The JBL Bar 1300 demonstrates its full potential in the audio-visual field and although it is capable of playing music with optimal power and quality, It is clear that it was not created for this purpose and only lights up when playing content in Dolby Atmos. something not very common in music.

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