Surviving the tournament with Kate Winslet

2017’s The Mountain Between Us, starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, is a survivalist film that isn’t the serious business of a comedy.

The Mountain Between Us: Kate Winslet and Idris Elba in Surveillance Mode

Sorti in November 2017, film Mountain between us In reality, Hani Abu-Assad met on stage with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba as two strangers who, after the tragic accident in Avion, made an attempt to survive among the mountains alone and alone.

Alex Martin, a photojournalist played by Kate Winslet, and Ben Bass, a neurosurgeon played by Idris Elba, are retro faces à des. physical and emotional development I will test your endurance and will to survive. You may be committing to setting personnel limits and forging inattentive communications in extreme circumstances.

The feature-length film is based on a fantasy story, but is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Charles Martin and published in 2010.

malheureusement, Mountain between us It failed to achieve much success at the box office, with $63 million grossed worldwide against a budget estimate of $35 million. In France, the film attracted 289,000 viewers.

In real jewelry

Cinema tour Mountain between us s’est déroulé dans des déroule dans des déroulé déroulé à la fois Magnifice et Edoutable. The location is in Invermere in Canada, on top of Mount Purcell, the location of the selection of authentic natural shots necessary for the story, but this beauty contradicts the interests complex logistics et les défis physiques, which represent labor in extreme cold conditions.

These rear range helicopters cannot be accessed on foot, requiring the use of three reliable helicopters and adapting them to high altitude flight conditions. Rotation against the sommet, perhaps for four minutes, these are a tribute to the vagaries of climate, etc. limited space at the border requires careful selection of personnel and materials. Each item that is transported must be planned to avoid the risk of return for recovery of the physical property.

Physique “Un défi”, Kate Winslet

In the high mountains, rare oxygen restores action plus fatigue, and also includes repetition of scenes, the use of physical stress in production. The actors, Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, reveal the absence of reality in front of all the cascades of eux-memes. increase the intensity of the experiencee, like Kate Winslet’s sulina at the time of her movie release:

I’ve never made films that require high energy. The easiest way to breathe at high altitude is difficult. Chaque matin, I met four minutes for my convenience. I carry with me three soie collants sous mon pantalon, four hauts de soie, j’avais des tas de bouillottes partout sur le corps… Mais j’ai adoré ce défi Physique.

Wait, trust the comedienne to our fellow Parisians.

Tournage devait également être materials are prepared to withstand glacial frost, batteries are especially vulnerable to low temperatures, which can lead to interruption of exposure. These apparent obstacles to adventurous cinematic performances in Australian hostile settings contribute most to the film’s authenticity and intense dramaturgy, offering the viewer a visual experience plus immersion.

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