Sweet tooth lovers fall for this Mercadona product: “I need it”

V TikTok platformwhich has millions of users from all over the world, more and more videos are appearing certain products from large supermarkets. There are many people who go to establishments every day to try new products and thus be able to give their verdict. In fact, these videos are of great help to many consumers when choosing a particular product.

Just check out TikTok to see thousands of videos from different tiktokers who recommend buying certain products in supermarkets. Moreover, many videos quickly go viral and collect thousands of views and, therefore, user comments.

Supermarket Mercadona


In fact, Mercadona’s product has created a topic that can be talked about on TikTok, especially in videos that accumulate countless interactions. In this case, a product that drove sweet lovers crazy. It’s about Coulant Petit Gateau by Lotuswhich is available in many establishments of the Valencian chain.

This product, available for several weeks, has attracted the attention of many Mercadona users and clients. Many could not resist commenting and expressing their opinion about this Hacendado brand product. “Oh my God, what a look”; “I need it”; “I want to try this”; “That’s good,” were some comments.

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Highly rated on social media, this Mercadona product comes in a pack of 2 weighing 180 grams and is priced at €2.20.

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