50 Cent, Condemned For Throwing His Microphone And Hitting A Woman While Acting

Newsroom/Telesync Newsroom,gonzalo barquilla 08/31/2023 5:34 pm Rapper 50 Cent, condemned for throwing microphone in public at a concert and hitting a womanGetty Images american rapper 50 CentThe 48-year-old has been declared a criminal assault suspect in the police report. The singer was performing a concert in Los Angeles this Wednesday when something bothered him dropped … Read more

Is it true that over the age of 50 ADD can be positive?

Jorge Luis Garcia 08/20/2023 2:00 pm. ADHD is often not diagnosed until adulthoodGetty Images Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a psychiatric disorder that affects in Spain 5% of child populationBut it can be diagnosed much later, in adulthood, There are many people who know that they are suffering from it. More than 50, your … Read more

The purpose for the listing of fifty imposed by Amazon

There is a reality: by 2023 It’s already underway. amazon prime video And guestmusic Casting begins this Monday, July 3, for the following version of Got Talent, which is able to return via the platform superior seatel particular, noemi galera And his staff has began the choice course of in Barcelona 16 contestants that he … Read more