Kaitlyn Dever and Maisie Williams played for Ellie in the canceled The Last Of Us movie

series of The Last Of Us premieres on HBO on January 16, but the adaptation was not always intended for this format. In 2014, a year after its debut on PlayStation 3, Screen Gems planned a film that would have been directed by Sam Raimi with more action that would likely be close to World … Read more

Bella Ramsey: what is your surprising confession that has been giving people talk? | tdex | revtli | ANSWERS

british actress Bella Ramsey She is giving what to talk about not only because of her great work playing “Ellie” in the new HBO Max series, “The Last of Us”but because of her latest statements where she referred to herself as a non-binary or fluid gender person. LOOK HERE: Juanes recounts the painful family moment … Read more