The Last of Us features Abby’s friends who might want to stay away from Ellie

While Kaitlyn Dever’s biggest reveal as Abby in The Last of Us season two came in 2025 due to strike delays, that cast has now been joined by a quartet of new actors, most of “Team Abby” so to speak. . Important roles in terms of how they relate to Abby and Ellie’s conflict. No spoilers for now, but maybe later in the article when we discuss it.

Danny Ramirez plays Manny: “a loyal soldier whose sunny gaze hides the pain of old wounds and the fear that he will fail his friends when they need him most.”

Ariela Barer as Mel: “a young doctor whose passion to save lives challenges the realities of war and tribalism.”

Tati Gabrielle as Nora: “a combat medic trying to come to terms with the sins of her past.”

And Spencer Lord as Owen: “a gentle soul trapped in the body of a warrior, condemned to fight an enemy he refuses to hate.”

These are… a little strange descriptions, but I think technically they work. I only really know Ramirez, who played in Top Gun Maverick and became the new Falcon after the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Tati Gabrielle, who feels like she’s been in everything I’ve seen, from You to Uncharted ” and “100”. .

Now we’ll delve into spoiler territory because otherwise it is impossible to discuss these characters from the game.

Of course, these are the people Ellie specifically wants revenge on for their role in hunting and killing Joel. And throughout the game, she kills them all, culminating in the deaths of Owen and his pregnant girlfriend Mel, one of the game’s most controversial moments. They aren’t exactly “mini-bosses” in the traditional sense, but they play a key role in moving the story forward as they are hunted down by Ellie.

Considering that this season is only the first half of the second game, some of them will definitely be present in the third season in addition to the second season since they don’t die until later in the game. There’s also a pretty graphic sex scene between Owen and Abby that I’m guessing the show will recreate, but I’m wondering if it’ll be filmed the same way or not since it was… cringeworthy. It was kind of a moment though.

Again, The Last of Us Season 2 won’t happen until 2025, but the cast appears to be almost complete at this point, with all the main characters and almost all the supporting characters cast.

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