Be Fashionable With Autumn’s Star Garment: Kendall Jenner’s Oxford Shirt at Zara

if it’s known for something Kendall Jenner, This is due to its pioneering and daring style. Though he always surprises us with his work looks riskyKendall has shown us once again that sBasic & Timeless Clothing are required in any field of the closet. The Kendall Jenner Shirt You Can Find at Zara in his … Read more

Shoes That Intimidate Stylists Will Be a Trend This Fall, According to Emily Ratajkowski

If there’s anyone who has the vision to forecast and set trends, it’s the British model Emily Ratajkowski, Once again he has managed to rock with his special style. boots The ones who cause controversy and seem uninteresting at first become the center of attention and surprisingly become one of the shoe trend most anticipated … Read more

The Jeans That Are Most Stylish Are the Jeans Used by Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez

there is trends what seems to be forgotten but eventually reappears, that’s the case ripped jeans which has experienced a spectacular renaissance, which has become favorite outfit celebrities like gigi hadid And Jennifer Lopez. These baggy jeans, with their strategic flares, have proved to be more than just a fad that’s here to stay Winter … Read more

Where did your passion for the fashion world come from?

“A woman needs strings and strings of pearls,” said Coco Chanel.. This statement sums up the power of this “pearl calculus, usually greyish white in color, with brilliant reflections and more or less spheroidal shape, which usually forms inside the shells of various molluscs, especially mother-of-pearl”, as defined by the RAE, which has fascinated and … Read more

yes, the blue that Miranda already defended in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is back

It seems that we already have the color ready to unseat the fuchsia pink that has been the favorite for more than a year. Its about cerulean blue, And if you are a lover of fashion and romantic comedies, surely this name is familiar to you. [Los tonos pastel no solo están hechos para las … Read more

From Cate Blanchett to Jessica Chastain or Cara Delevingne, the best dressed at the Oscars 2023 and some looks we don’t understand

From Cate Blanchett to Jessica Chastain or Cara Delevingne, the best dressed at the Oscars 2023 and some looks we don’t understand 1/21Jessica Chastain As happened last year, when she picked up the Oscar for ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ with an impressive Gucci, Jessica Chastain has been one of the best dressed. This time, … Read more

Zara and its collection of denim garments that are running out

Denim will continue to be one of the main protagonists this seasonin all kinds of garments to create stylish outfits. on the catwalkswhere the spring-summer 2023 collectionssignatures as Diesel or Blumarine They already warned that this trend was going to come stomping. The best thing is its chameleon-like ability to adapt to any style. Diesel … Read more