Challenges of becoming a mother after being diagnosed with endometriosis

Internal tissues are formed in a woman’s body every month. Uterus called endometriumWhich, since it does not require the embryo to be housed in it, is shed and expelled through menstruation. However, sometimes it endometrial tissue grows and produces in places outside the uterus endometriosisA gynecological disease that affects 10% of women fertile age and … Read more

The wait for kidney transplant is long – El Sol del Centro

He kidney transplant he is considered as One of the best replacement therapies for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), However, lowest availableDr. Sergio Hernandez Estrada indicated. Within the framework of the National Day of Donation and Transplantation of Organs and Tissues, celebrated on September 26, the Medical Director of Medica Santa Carmen explained that … Read more

Do you trust natural remedies? Here we tell you which remedies help you with heartburn – El Heraldo de Tabasco

It often happens that after eating food, we start feeling stomach discomfort, either because we ate too much or because ingredients were added to it which were troublesome for our stomach. This burning feeling is called heartburn or “heartburn”, it causes a burning sensation in the stomach and throat, it occurs when stomach acid flows … Read more

Laurel under the pillow Why do people keep bay leaves under their pillows?

Bay leaves have been used as a spice in cooking for millennia As a natural remedy for many diseases. Native to the Mediterranean Sea, laurel is a perennial plant with shiny, oval leaves that give off a distinctive scent. There are many varieties of bay leaves, but they all have many health benefits. One of … Read more

Health contracts for 24 trauma operations for 108,000 euros

Avila Health Care Management will contract out the new traumatology operations to the private sector. The last two contracts that have just been published cover 24 hip and knee operations that will be performed within a two-month period with an investment of 108,000 euros. As published on the contract platform, the first of the Avila … Read more

The food with the most nutrients in the world is barely eaten, according to science

As experts recommend, any healthy and balanced diet worth its salt should include fruits and vegetables. Indeed, various studies suggest Eat five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day, And not only this, You need to know how to mix these with other basic foods in the right amounts.Such as meat, fish, bread, eggs, cereals, … Read more

Do you consume enough vitamin D? This is what experts say

vitamin D Since it is a key nutrient for health Helps keep bones strong And contributes to muscle and immune function. But people around the world don’t consume enough of it, which is why it’s one of the most popular supplements on the market. Our bodies need only sunlight to produce this nutrient, but it … Read more

Cataract surgery will improve vision of 110 Michoacáns: SSM

The event will take place from September 18 to 22 for the benefit of patients from 19 municipalities. Morelia, Michoacán, September 20, 2023.- The vision and quality of life of 110 Michoacán residents will improve thanks to the free cataract surgery program carried out by the Ministry of Health of Michoacán (SSM) in coordination with … Read more