The Machine Gun Kelly scandals

The rapper has been the protagonist of several controversies. United States.- Colson Baker, better known artistically as Machine Gun Kelly, is a very controversial and controversial artist. The 33-year-old American rapper, singer and actor has been involved in various controversies throughout his career, from fights to drug use on camera. He praised Eminem’s underage daughter … Read more

Megan Fox and MGK continue to enjoy their romantic trip to Hawaii after rumors of infidelity

Written in CELEBRITIES he 4/7/2023 11:11 p.m. This week Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly announce their reconciliation being captured in love in Hawaii. Three days after their arrival in the paradisiacal archipelago, the couple reappeared enjoying their romantic trip. Early 2023 Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox faced strong separation rumors after the rapper’s … Read more

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly enjoy a romantic trip to Hawaii after rumors of breakup

Written in CELEBRITIES he 4/4/2023 4:08 p.m. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly seem willing to give themselves another chance at love and it is that after strong rumors of breakup, They were seen last weekend spending some recreation time on the beaches of Hawaii. According to information from the TMZ newspaper, the actress and … Read more

Megan Fox wears a revenge dress to pause her wedding to Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox reappeared after problems with Machine Gun Kelly. It was revealed that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have put their wedding plans on hold to work on their problems. Meanwhile, in the style of Lady Di, Megan Fox shows off in the “dress of revenge”. After almost two months of causing controversy by deleting … Read more

Machine Gun Kelly apparently already forgot Megan Fox: he was seen with another woman

Written in CELEBRITIES he 3/15/2023 6:40 p.m. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan fox They have ended their relationship and commitment in a surprising way. There are many rumors around them, especially many cameras following them at every step they take. The musician has recently been seen accompanied by a blonde woman who is said to … Read more

Was it the infidelities that would have ended the romance of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

It is a question that arises through a publication that Megan fox He made on his social networks and that he stood out for having a cryptic message that fans deciphered for the side of infidelity as a trigger for his separation with Machine Gun Kelly. The whole situation is surprising and a lot, because … Read more