Hair falls due to stress, what to do in such a situation?

Hair is an essential component of our appearance and self-esteem. However, various factors such as stress can significantly affect your health and density. In this article, we’ll explore the connection between stress and hair loss, as well as what steps you can take to reduce its negative effects. related news How does stress affect your … Read more

The disease which affects more due to stress

This disease is increasing like foam and stress is its biggest trigger. Other news: These are the respiratory infections that are affecting Guatemalans it’s about atopic dermatitisan autoimmune disease of bark There is no cure for it, however, there are treatments that prevent it. This disease affects physically and mentally emotionally For their patients, who … Read more

children growing up in a conflict environment

Many people believe that children do not understand, but they are wrong. Young children who grow up in struggling families become “sponge babies”. and all those negative things that they absorb can hurt them a lot, because they They do not meet their needs despite so much demand from the elders around them. Adults should … Read more

The Nation / Science says being a housewife is tougher than going out to work

The tasks that women do and face at home are varied and require a lot of responsibility, Like taking care of the family and taking care of the house. In Paraguay, 36.8% of households are headed by a woman, And according to science, this role is so demanding that it affects their well-being. Psychologist Laura … Read more

Tips so that stress does not hinder the balance between your personal and work life

errands, shopping, cooking and planning the week are just a few chores Who constantly dominates us. if we add to this wear From finding free spaces to focus on family and enjoy personal time while maintaining stable personal relationships, it is quite possible that we are dealing with high levels of stress. We advise you … Read more

To lose: Chicory infusion | Infusion for weight loss that reduces stress and strengthens the immune system

A balanced and healthy diet is the best option to lose weight and maintain iron health. If we add to this the recommended daily exercise, we have a combination of factors that all experts attest to keeping us for years the nearly “eternal youth” everyone is looking for. In this sense, if the products we … Read more

Writing down your feelings, a way to relieve stress and anxiety – L Occidental

How often do we meet relatives, friends or acquaintances who, besides Tensionsuffer Worry, Factors that can trigger both include: moving, starting a new school or job, an illness or injury, a health problem or injury to a family member or friend, the death of a loved one, getting married, or having a child. . You … Read more

Making emergency medicine attractive –

The Emergency Management, Emergencies and Transports (Guets) is the great unknown for the Medicine students of the UCLM and of all Spain. Emergency health does not have a residence and, in fact, it is the only service that it is not mandatory to know before finishing the degree. For this reason, already in 2019, its … Read more