Taking a nap poses a health risk, warns UNAM

Sleep is one of the body’s natural recovery processes. (Illustrative image)

Who didn’t sleep at home click after breakfast or a good lunch on rest days? Although in many cases sleep for a while during the day is a consequence of some activity that gave rise to exhaustionWhether it’s physical or mental, sometimes it happens simply because boredom or lack of activity.

It is precisely because of this type dozing this could happen Problemsmostly healthespecially for people who do not have sleep regulation and require medical assistance to be able to take breaks Overnight and hence they sleep during the day.

That’s why National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) denied the ideas surrounding dozing and warned about them, since in some certain cases they can cause serious health problems like some kind of affectation cardiovascularI’ll give you an example.

Sleep may result from problems falling asleep at night. (Illustrative image)

Lots of beliefs revolve around dozing like they’re good as long as you’re here height and physical development, others believe that this is not so because it causes feeling lethargic throughout the day, and there are even people who believe that it can generate Headache.

Another handful of people agree that it is certain that they profitable because they help generate High concentration and, according to the ideas of Winston Churchill (a British politician who commanded the army during World War II), this helped him take best solutions.

However, according to the publication UNAMThere are benefits to sleeping, but at a certain time and in a certain place under certain circumstances, but if you don’t do it, it can lead to health problems and mentally like Sleep disturbanceactions performed with clumsiness And numb feeling.

Uncontrolled sleep can make you feel clumsy. (Illustrative image)

But they’re not all risksbut according to Yeret Torres (academician at the Sleep Disorders Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine UNAM) sleeping outside of an uncontrolled environment may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseasesalso explained that there are hypotheses linking naps to sleep. Alzheimer’s disease because you may lose protein, the absence of which is associated with memory loss.

Therefore, he believed that he should go to a doctor to determine whether the person could benefit from taking 30 minute nap maximum or otherwise health problems arise.

Here’s what the researcher commented:

“Sleep is not for everyone as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is ideal for those who feel tired… have done unplanned physical activity as part of their daily routine… or night activity…although research recommends sleep, it has been documented that sleeping multiple times per day and for long periods of time predisposes to Alzheimer’s disease

It is most recommended to sleep at night. (Illustrative image)

According to a sleep specialist UNAMthere is an ideal part of the day for those who want to take click without exposing yourself to the physical harm they may cause; However, there must also be a perfect environment around you for it to happen the way you want, but what is it.

The first thing to note is that it should not be more than 30 minutes so as not to fall into deep sleep. In this regard, it should be between 13:00 and 15:00, as this lowers the “awake threshold”, and finally, it should be a place that creates comfort and tranquility; it must also be in the dark and isolated. from any noise…

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