Tamagotchi and board games supplant consoles; These are the most searched items

The tamagotchia virtual pet created in 1996 by the Japanese company Bandai, is the best-selling toy in the Christmas of 2023. This is confirmed by those responsible for communication at El Corte Inglés. Consoles and technology no longer sell, and now the most sought after are the table games which became very popular during home confinement.

These are the main conclusions of the Valencian toy stores, which indicate that there is an analog turn this Christmas in the young and not so young. Although some things never change, dollhouses, the figure of ET and superheroes are still on the rise, like almost every year.

The Consumers Union estimates that the prices of toys are up 15-20% this year due to the energy crisis, the increase in materials and the lack of some supplies. Something that affects “the most vulnerable sectors and the middle classes who are the most affected by the rise,” explains Vicente Inglada, general secretary.

The most demanded is Gabby’s house (a toy based on a series of drawings). “We already knew that it was going to be since November, in fact every time they bring a new shipment it runs out after a few days,” explains Melisa González, from the Poly Toys store in Valencia. All the products from the animated series ‘Bluey’ are also in great demand.

Xàtiva. Buy toys for kings at the Juguettos store IBORRA PEARLS

The dolls from the Antonio Juan collection, like the Nenuco, remain among the most desired almost every year. Also Lego toys, especially the houses and this year the Casa Madrigal Encanto. The canine patrol is a more or less recent phenomenon, but its toys are still among the most sought-after each season, along with other classics such as superheroes or dinosaurs, also top sellers.

Beyond the Tamagotchi phenomenon, there is also an explosion in lto purchase board games, for children and for Adults. “The confinement produced by the pandemic has had a lot to do with it, at that time many people got together to play these games and now they have become hooked and they are one of the most requested items,” sources from El Corte Inglés explain. The most requested in this case are some classics such as “Aunt Agatha’s inheritance, or The Peking Mystery”.

Compared to other years, technology has plummeted and is no longer the best seller –also due to the lack of stock of 2022-, and in 2021 toys such as ‘baby Yoda’ triumphed, due to the series that was being broadcast at the time, or Nancy dolls, which this year have been replaced in sales by ‘Rainbow High’. Other classics like Pokemon and Barbie were very sold then.

Xàtiva. Buy toys for kings at the Juguettos store IBORRA PEARLS

“Cheap is expensive”

The Consumers Union stresses the importance of verify the quality and safety of toys for the little ones since “cheap can be expensive”. They also ask to check the labeling and keep the purchase ticket in case there are claims.

England also recommends compare the prices and that they are adjusted to the economy familiar, and above all “do not use installment payments with cards that can generate unnecessary debt, or quick loans that will weigh down our economy for months.”

The Union also welcomes that gender differentiation in toys has diminished, “although many of the stereotypes like the use of blue for boys and pink for girls“. They also highlight that warlike toys have decreased and have been replaced by “collaborative games that allow the development of other skills in the little ones.”

Xàtiva. Buy toys for kings at the Juguettos store IBORRA PEARLS

Inglada also calls on families to transmit values ​​with toys for children, and prioritizing consumption in neighborhood shops and small local stores before going to large stores to choose gifts.

La Unió also stresses that we must take into account the recommended minimum age indicate and choose an appropriate toy for the child’s age to facilitate its correct use by the child, with what this entails for their physical safety. “You must never forget that the toy is for the child, so you have to take into account the abilities and needs,” explains Inglada.

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