Tan France calls Gigi Hadid for parenting advice

weird eye Designer Tan France has recently been experimenting with all things parenthood, as he and husband Rob France welcomed their son, Ismail, via surrogate last year. The conversation details his close relationship with his friend and Next in fashion Co-host, Gigi Hadid — and how he’s grown closer since they both became parents.

The 27-year-old model became a mother in 2020, when she and partner Zayn Malik welcomed daughter Khai, now 20 months old.

France 39 shared with us weekly“She is one of my closest friends. I love him so much. It makes the show really fun. It’s probably the best time I’ve ever had in a show. »

He goes on to say, “She’s a wonderful mother. I got a lot of advice from her. »

A “French Tuck” enthusiast mentioned that when their son was born, Hadid sent the couple an incredible care package to their home to help them become parents. “She was a mother before I was a father, about seven months ago [my son was born]. It was so sweet,” Tan shared.

He also revealed what was included in the packaging, saying, “If you weren’t a parent, you wouldn’t know, but [there’s a product] It’s called Baby Brezza, and it’s a machine that helps you prepare your formula very quickly. she [also] Including a sound machine, bibs and pacifiers, like everything I could need. »

job Posted by persoTan said he had already missed the birth of his son, as he was born seven weeks early. Luckily Rob was there, but Tan admitted to sharing, “I cried so much, thinking I wasn’t there in our son’s first moments. I cried because I knew Rob was alone and needed my emotional support. I cried because I was so jealous that he was there with Ishmael. Neither am I.

Now, as Ismael Inches nears his first birthday, Tan and Gigi are filming their show’s second season and sharing fun moments on Instagram, like the one above in old-fashioned clothes, while filming. Competition is clearly in fashion.

like that working mothers present time.

The first season of Next in fashion Available to stream on Netflix, a second season is expected to drop later this year.

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