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Real Madrid had only 72 hours to “cry and stand up” after their failure in the Euroleague final in Berlin. And damn, he did it. At its best and against the whites’ best rival: their eternal rival Barça (97-78). The team that made smallespecially Edie Tavares (how good the upgrade was for him) and especially that short crazy guy who has MVP mode active again: Campazzo.

Because the two of them staged a basketball concert against the Barça team, and although they tried to react… They couldn’t. Neither Roger Grimau’s time-outs, nor the substitutions, nor the momentum of Oscar da Silva, nor the push of Ricky Rubio, nor the push of Nico Laprovittola were enough. First round Real Madrid, looking like a skating rink, reappeared at the WiZink Center to make it 1-0. in these semi-finals of the Endesa League.


😎I confirm myself

Facundo Campazzo’s first ten minutes are a lesson in how to become a complete player in attack… and even in defense.. The Argentine was the intellectual leader of a Real team that played with great enthusiasm and great rhythm, and this was largely because the point guard made absolutely everyone play. He dished out four assists, scored seven points and was completely out of control of Tomas Satoransky, who failed to win the game while he was on the court. Like I said, ten minutes per shot. Although, to be fair, the reality is that the game he played was overall very fulfilling. So much so that Madrid noticed – a lot – when he wasn’t on the floor. MVP Faco is in ON mode: a double-double like Tavares, with 20 points and 10 assists to sign the 32 rating.


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First quarter, comes off the bench. And then Barça starts to gain a little more energy. Second quarter, action I have set as wallpaper: He fights to open up minimal space in the paint to be able to shoot (and score) at the rim despite pressure from Abalde and Hezonja. Oscar da Silva was the one who brought Barcelona back into the game in the second quarter. A player who plays a big role in the domestic game and even forced Chus Mateo to move his bench to restructure his team and change pairings. And after the break… the same thing again. On a statistical level, he will shine less than Ricky Rubio or Laprovittola, but da Silva’s performance was key to ensuring Real Madrid didn’t get too far ahead before the game. And by the way, he finished with the best +/- of his team.


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Rarely does renovation bring such pleasure. Because the reality is that This is the version of Tavares that he has missed so much for months. real Madrid. The rod, the one who breathed fear Just by being on the floor, he came back. And Barça survived this. Because the reality is that the Cape Verdeans were the owners of this territory, both in attack and defense. And the best part: his connection with Campazzo was enormous. After all, they are going to put into practice what was said in vintage basketball that with a good point guard and a good center… not much else is needed. Solo concert. Double-double with 18 points, 15 rebounds and a resounding 35 rating.


🤔 There is a run-run…

Fortunately, doubts are not removed. Barça continue to be a team capable of the best and the worst… And that’s a big problem at this stage of the season. Because since the beginning of the competition he has not been able to find sufficient consistency and continuity. At the beginning of the game it was leaked. Later, although Tavares continued to do his thing in the paint, he managed to stymie the Whites when they tried to dribble the ball down the outside line… And then came the lack of success. AND that partial score of 28-5, which came between the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third. There are many doubts about this Barça in the face of a series that has just begun and that could become very difficult all too soon.


📀 My “bonus track”

There are no qualifiers to describe your. Four tangerines in a row – as even a time-out did not prevent Grimau from continuing his set – which were scored early in the last quarter are a trademark… and patented. Because there is no other like him. Sergio Lull is unique and timeless.

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