Tax fraud: Spanish justice class and the trial against Shakira, the conclusion of these trials in the country

The singer Shakira at the end with the new judges in Spain: justice in honor of the announcement of the game on May 9, to avoid a second procedure against her, for the sake of financial fraud.

A Spanish court has announced that planetary star Shakira has been hit with double tax fraud proceedings that ended in trial in the country or her long-term residence.

Following the parquet claim, the Barcelona peripheral tribunal found that Colombian artists faced “irregularity” in the import declaration in 2018, receiving 6 million euros for environmental protection. Spanish fiscal

More “des irrégularités ne suffisent pas pour qu’un délit (pénal) contre l’administration fisciale soit caractérisé”, according to the magistrate in charge of the case, according to the translator Heaps, do not lie n’avait pas “the desire to deceive the budget.” Parquet for someone who does not know the “sufficient indicators” to punish Shakira in this dossier.

6.6 million euros invested in justice

In 2018, the tribunal expects an announcement in July when this procedure against the singer requires the use of domicile societies in paradise financial institutions in order to ensure the integrity of the payer in 2018.

To demonstrate her desire to resolve her situation in relation to the fiscal government, Shakira will now receive 6.6 million euros in justice, which currently corresponds to 6 million in the fiscal authorities, increasing interest for delays and regulatory violations.

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