Taylor Kinney: the famous beauty from “Chicago Fire” and Lady Gaga’s ex is married to a fashion model

White card! Actor Taylor Kinney is a married man. He has become a favorite pairing with singer Lady Gaga’s pendant, plus a 42-year-old comedic character, and also has a reputation as the son of the TV series “Chicago Fire.”

Ce mercredi, May 15, 2024, about learning thanks to the magazine People That Taylor Kinney will become model Ashley Kruger on April 30th.

Paired after 2022, the two artists will be the “unfeathered” for the private ceremony, which is located in Chicago, or the actor who simply completes the season 12 tournament in the series.

Taylor Kinney loved by fashion model

Taylor Kinney and Ashley Kruger will remain a couple after 2022. This year the couple officially appeared on Instagram.

Ils ont ensuite Rendu Leur Publication le Mois Suivant en Assistant à évènement Caritatif dans L’Utah. He has never talked about a love story in the media, the actor and the mannequin are all there is to it, plus the love that has ever been.

In April 2023, a 27-year-old young woman posted a selfie of herself and her son on the train of her embrasure during the Paques celebration.

Annulted marriage to Lady Gaga

Taylor Kinney got married at the premiere for himself and also due to the fact that he was Lady Gaga’s fiancé.

The actor and singer reunited quite recently, in 2011, during the tour of the video. “You and me”. In couples during their anniversary, they become grooms in 2015 during Saint Valentine’s, but finally separate in July 2016.

In a documentary about the superstar’s life, the singer revealed that she was on the same path as her relationship with Taylor Kinney.

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