Taylor Swift, Nosferatu… 5 Cultural Meeting Attendees in 2024

Ils seront nombreux les films, books, concerts, festivals, exhibitions or theatrical productions in 2024. Pour débuter l’année, L’Eclaireur Select five highlights from our prochains ahead of a great cultural year.

1 April 18: Salman Rushdie’s new book.

In August 2022, writer Salman Rushdie will die as a result of an assassination attempt. A miraculous rescue more than anything else, he repeated his hard work, which took place after my arrival and in October 2023, a foray from an unfinished life dedicated to the attack and the title. Le Couteau.

“True therapeutic work essential for the author” ce roman bénéficiera d’une mise en avant Internationale with a simultaneous departure in 14 countries, not in France, in the Gallimard edition, April 18, 2024. An important title for Salman Rushdie, which returns to this traumatic episode in the question of life, oh perte, l’amour et l’art.

L’annonce du nouveau livre by Salman Rushdie.

2 May 9 – June 3: Taylor Swift concert.

After an exceptional 2023, Taylor Swift is ready to take on the trendy 2024. Alors même qu’elle vient de battre le record of Elvis Presley and the single artist that was in the past, plus a big number of the season on the premiere of a place to practice in America Billboard 100 (68 weeks versus 67), la chanteuse va reprendre sa world tour Eras Tourwith three passages present in Europe and France in May and June.

Six concerts between Paris and Lyon and the certainty of Taylor Swift’s registration Eras Tour like a tour of the most profitable story!

Film announcement Eras Tour.

3 August 21 – 25: Rock en Seine festival.

This is one of the grand festivals that will take place in 2024: Rock en Seine, a return to an iconic musical date, with a program that is very special. This year the festival has a double feature: the Olympic mandatory festival Rock en Seine is called Olympiade Culturelle et Fera des ponts entre musique et sport pour accentuer l’évènement des Jeux à Paris. More and more, Rock en seine accueillera pour son seul pass en France Lana Del Rey, exceptional concerts.

A real coup for a festival that offers the world’s greatest artists an event on August 21st!

Lana Del Rey at the Rock en Seine festival.

4 November 22 – December 31: musical comedy. Les Miserables

This is an eventful return to France of the most famous musical comedies: Les Miserables. Theater Chatelet after excellent West Side Storyat the end of 2024 will offer a new version of the musical in French in the following weeks!

Les Miserables, adapted from Victor Hugo’s book, which became a sensation after more than 40 years in London, in an English version, but also written in Molière’s original language by Claude-Michel Schoenberg, Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel. After three great successes in Paris in 1980, the play was successfully exported to Broadway and the West End.

For several time periods, the French public becomes the reason for the (re)decoration of this huge creation, in the original version, in order to preserve the grandeur and the need for the London spectacle. The billet is over.

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5 December 25: movie Nosferatu

After magic, sirens and Vikings, Robert Eggers is ready to attack another great cultural myth: Dracula. Dance NosferatuA remake of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s 1922 classic, Bill Skarsgård turns into a vampire and terrorizes Lily-Rose Depp, Nicholas Hoult or Willem Dafoe for an encore.

The film is written as a new gothic and terrifying adaptation of the myth, and Robert Eggers’ filmography has a very good look with a certain intensity. The perfect program for Christmas!

Lily-Rose Depp in character Nosferatu.©Focus function

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