Taylor Swift: Rolling Stone’s Hors-Serie Collector

On the occasion of the release of her son’s album and the approach to the evening tour in France, Rolling Stone magazine is giving Taylor Swift a Hors-Série collector’s edition.

Talented singer and American music, Taylor Swift Connect records and match rewards and prestige with those among others. Relive the singer’s entire career with exclusive interviews courtesy of Rolling Stone, explore discographies and new albums. Department of Martyred Poetsand prepare for the next tour of France, which will include moments from the six concerts during which I was born in France, with our equestrian series collector. of 144 pages dédiees à l’icône pop!

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Boutique Sur the Rolling Stone

Taylor Swift Horse from the Rolling Stone France seriesDans ce Guide Ultime Sur Taylor Swift 144 pages + poster :

  • ses interview Rolling Stone exclusives after 2009.
  • Saturday discography full
  • Top 100 from his chansons
  • Quiz pour Swifts!
  • Les Heras Tours : moments, the most powerful moments of your world tour
  • Des rare photographs

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A true phenomenon of the American scene, Taylor Swift The seat of Creuse’s son in the world of music after 20 years. Elle Totalise Desormais 11 albums studios have taught over 200 million examples worldwide.

Forte d’un undeniable success populaire, elle fait également l’objet d’une exconnaissance excelnelle parmi ses pairs. She is the recipient of many awards, including 14 Grammy Awards. Titled Personne de l’Année 2023 by Time Magazine and numbered on Rolling Stone’s 100 list plus all-time great songwriters as well as the Top 200 singers and singers.

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