Taylor Swift: Watch TV coverage of game in 30 seconds, comment on star singer talking about ‘millions’ in American Football League

La vette de la chanson a entamé, il ya peu, une amoureuse avec le joueur d’une équipe équipe for le Super Bowl, championship final, événement toujours très suivi partout dans le monde.

The American Football League (NFL) is the richest place in the world, but bringing singer Taylor Swift to the country with a young star from Kansas City is a marketing move that she left with a capital A.

After September 24, the artist will take part in the matches of a friend’s son, le Receveur Rapproché (Tight End) with the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, who argues, ce dimanche on February 11 in Las Vegas, Super Bowl, final champion, face of the San Francisco 49ers .

Taylor Swift never agreed to parole, never agreed to an interview, and never mentioned diffusers appearing on screen for 30 seconds, and it was rarely mentioned. Most of the interaction is enough to make a noticeable impact on the National Football League (NFL) accounts.

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“The simplest way to measure it is through participation in social relationships,” explains Joe Favorito, a consultant and professor at Columbia University. The incursion of the most popular singer at a time when the NFL’s offering in general and for executives in particular is additional media exposure equivalent to “millions” of advertising dollars for sports marketers.

According to specialized websites Semrush and Likeweb, the official website of the Chiefs allows you to receive a bonus of more than 40% after September. And it’s impossible to establish cause and effect: Kansas City broke the audience record for its marquee playoff game in late January.

“New Public”

“Si l’audimat grimpe, les ventes d’espaces publicitaires also”, rapper Ashley Brantman, corresponding advisor to the agency sponsoring Jack 39. “Cela attire un nouveau public”, poursuit-elle, notamment “les + Swifties+”, Taylor Swift fans , “pour voir le mec de Taylor, mais aussi ce qu’elle porte et qui est dans la loge avec elle.”

Signe que la NFL ne perd rien de la sequence, elle vient de Signer, il ya quelques jours, un partenariat with la designeuse Kristin Juszczyk, surtout connue jusquici pour être l’épouse du joueur des San Francisco 49ers, Kyle Juszczyk. The moment exploded after completing Taylor Swift’s Travis Kelce T-shirt chant at the end of the match.

The 29-year-old creator will envision a line of stylish and fashionable clothing that traditional jerseys or helmets will also offer NFL merchandising to a different audience. “I believe the NFL can’t go on as long as it can,” admits Ashley Brantman, the championship star who welcomed 115 million viewers to the last Super Bowl, the all-time record for any Super Bowl program. “I thought Cece (Taylor Swift) went to Montrer like the rest of the dressmakers,” the valiant Ashley Brantman.

“A new group of fans is in the ecosystem, surtout des femmes et compris jeunes.” “I have a relationship with Taylor fans and NFL fans, d’une suree façon,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said with great enthusiasm in late November. “This is a huge help for the league of beneficiaries of this attention.”

Les Paris Sont goes outside

An idyll among singers who have won 14 Grammy Awards, and playing with two champions also playing outside of public universities for an NFL that has been dreaming of expansion in recent decades. “Ca a confidently leaves the ports for l’équipe et pour la gue davantage à l’étranger que sur le territoire américain,” says Joe Favorito, noting “after fans who don’t know the NFL or have limited knowledge.”

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Another population is dressed because of the phenomenon, among pariers, where there are sites that are served on ruddy tapis. Ils Leur Ont offers the pleasure of silver because of the design possibilities during the daytime match, from blush color to Taylor Swift eyes and the occasional hot dog run. The star returned to Tokyo after her concert in Japan, Samedi 10, to attend the match.

“This Super Cup will be the best we can get out of Paris since our creation,” AFP’s Adam Burns, 25, told BetOnline.ag. “La montée en puissance (naturelle) de la NFL joue beaucoup, but it is not certain that Swift contributed to Australia.” There remains a risk for American football fans when they stray from the sport, and this is due to the principle of “peopolization”. “The person who doesn’t want to go to the Super Bowl because of Taylor Swift,” wrote Joe Favorito. “A ce stade, tout le monde l’a acceptance.”

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