Teachers call for protest if salary hike is not given

Hundreds of teachers will march on January 26 under the Teachers Union of El Salvador

The Teachers Union of El Salvador, which brings together various teachers unions, called for a protest for January 26, 2024 due to the lack of review and increase in salaries of public sector teachers.

Daniel Rodríguez, general secretary of the teachers union, said, “We express that we teachers are completely upset, because our right to a salary increase has been violated, which is established by our law on the teaching career, which is a special law. Is.” Told the journalists. and Public Education Teachers of El Salvador (Simeduco).

He indicated that the protest would start in the historic center of San Salvador and go to the headquarters of the Ministry of Education in the Government Center, “to demand for a maximum period of three years the revision of teachers’ salaries” in the National Public Network.

Francisco Zelada of Simeduco also reported that in the previous administration they had achieved a salary increase of between 10% and 20% for teachers.

Also: “The main flaw in the system is evaluation”

He said he expected a call from the Minister of Education, José Pineda, in the coming days, “because if not, teachers are organizing to take to the streets on the indicated date”.

On the other hand, Rodríguez reported that he had evidence of “manipulation in the appointment of interim teachers” in which established legal procedure was not followed.

“Most of those hired are political workers of the ruling party,” he said, adding that they would also receive permanent positions within the national education system.

He also indicated that the school budget in 2023 was, in his opinion, inadequate and “a little low”.

El Diario de Hoy spoke to at least five people in charge of the management of educational centers in regions such as Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, Morazán, Sonsonate and San Salvador in the last four months of 2023, and in all cases there were complaints that the central government School budget funds were not fully distributed, which meant that teaching bodies or parent communities had to obtain funds themselves and carry out additional activities to meet basic needs in schools.

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