Teatro Alfieri, filming in progress for the television series “Lidia”


The Alfieri Theater in Asti transformed into a set for a day. Today, in fact, as can be seen from the trucks parked in Piazza Alfieri and the “movement” near the theater, an intense day of filming is taking place for the costume television series “Lidia”, which will be broadcast in 2022. Comprehensive of six episodes, set in Piedmont at the end of the nineteenth century, it is freely inspired by the figure of the Waldensian Lidia Poët, born in 1855 in Traverse di Perrero (To), the first Italian female lawyer registered with the professional association.

Starring Matilda De Angelis and Eduardo Scarpetta

The actress Matilda De Angelis plays the protagonist, who is establishing herself in the film industry internationally for having recently taken on important roles (including participation in the miniseries “The undoing – The unspoken truths” with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant ) and who last March participated in the first evening of the Sanremo festival as co-host alongside Amadeus.
At his side Pier Luigi Pasino and Eduardo Scarpetta, great-grandson of the Neapolitan playwright whose name he bears and interpreter of Renato Carosone in the film “Carosello Carosone” by the Asti director Lucio Pellegrini.
190 extras, from Asti and Turin, were involved, including 20 musicians from the Asti Symphony Orchestra and the Turin Ballet Company founded by Loredana Furno, widow of the Asti director Massimo Scaglione. The scenes, in fact, refer to a show shot at the theater in the late nineteenth century, so much so that the Alfieri was “revolutionized” by dismantling the armchairs to make it compatible with the characteristics of the time.
The other shots will be made in other locations in Piedmont, mainly in Turin.


The memorandum of understanding

The recent memorandum of understanding signed between the Municipality of Asti and the Turin Piedmont Film Commission directed by Davide Bracco, aimed at encouraging the presence of television and film productions in Asti, which is considered attractive by this, to favor the choice of the Alfieri Theater for filming. point of view. Mayor Maurizio Rasero satisfied: “The memorandum of understanding – he comments – has shown in this case that it is not just a declaration of intent, as it has brought concrete results in a short time”.


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