“Telle un phoenix, Notre-Dame de Paris renaît de ses cendres”

“When you are a child in Mexico, you understand the legendary beauty of Notre-Dame de Paris and pray to contemplate this day.“. In a statement recorded for 13/14 France Inter, Mexican actress Salma Hayek-Pino said she was presenting her youngest cathedral, partially destroyed by fire in 2019. “Teenager, I have the chance to contemplate beauty. Comment aurais-je pu alors Imaginer qu’un jour je jouerais Esmeralda in the adaptation of Notre Dame de Paris (in 1997, NDLR) ? “I never imagined anything more than that I had fallen in love with a Frenchman and that I had found myself at the bottom of the family in Paris.”assistant to the actress and producer, who married billionaire François-Henri Pinault in 2009.

“Notre-Dame de Paris is reborn from ses cendres”: écoutez la note of Vocale by Salma Hayek

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“Notre Dame is stronger than ever”

After the fire on April 15, 2019, 846 billion euros were raised for the reconstruction of the cathedral. 340,000 of the 150 donors are currently paying. Parmi leskel of the Pinault family. “C’est très émouvant de voir la vitesse à laquelle des gens du monde entier se sont unis parce qu’ils refusaient de voir disparaître ce thrésor historique”– Salma Hayek-Pino admits. “Aujourd’hui, Telle un Phoenix, Notre-Dame renaît de ses cendres.”

After the fire, 500 comrades and artisans worked daily to reconstruct and restore the site. The cathedral will be open to the public until the end of 2024. “The grace of the collective of passions, the artisans, those who did not contribute financial support, all those who did not participate in the restoration of the cathedral, Notre Dame is stronger than ever, parce qu’elle ajouté à son histoire le lien unique, which was created among their names, uses personas”– concluded the actress.

► Special edition 13/14 ce mercredi, December 20, live from the base of Vie du chantier de Notre-Dame.

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