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Temptation Island, Antonella Fiordelisi: “Onlyfans? Never!” (Thursday 25 November 2021)
Antonella Fiordelisi, which became better known by the public for its participation in Temptation Island, it’s going a long way. The young model, however, stated that however things will go she has no intention of opening a profile on Onlyfans, even if it could really earn a lot.

Antonella Fiordelisi is one of the most loved characters by the public. The woman, who has made people talk about herself due to some flirtations with famous people (such as the one with Gonzalo Higuaín) but also for her troubled relationship with Francesco Chiofalo, boasts over a million followers on social media who appreciate her every day and they compliment her. Just one of her followers in these hours asked her a question in the box she opened in her stories, …Read on piusanipiubelli


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