Ten things you should never do right after eating

Ten things you should never do right after eating

A feeding Health is necessary in order to feel good and cope with daily activities in better conditions. We consume most of the products mainly three times a day: breakfast, food And dinner.

The ability to spend more or less time on each will depend on our schedule. Work, school or daily routines can force us to eat in record time and give us the opportunity to relax on the weekend to enjoy a calm and enjoyable meal after dinner.

However, although it is important to consider what, how and when we eat, There is another relevant aspect that we do not pay enough attention to: What do we do immediately after eating?.

And the fact is that performing certain actions with full stomach I can do it food makes you feel bad. Take a look at this list and see if you can find the cause of your indigestion. Between possible reasons Maybe:

1- Go to bed immediately. It is not recommended to go to bed immediately after dinner, since in a lying position, gastric juice will not cover all the food in the stomach, not all nutrients will be used and reflux with heartburn will occur. To avoid this, wait at least two hours before going to bed.

2- Exercise. If you have just eaten, relax for a while and take your time to exercise. Sudden physical activity can cause stomach upset and indigestion due to stomach movement. At least two to three hours after eating, allow yourself to walk, run, or work out at the gym.

3- Smoking. Tobacco is harmful to overall health and, above all, to the health of the lungs and cardiovascular system. In addition, smoking after meals can cause nicotine, along with the excess oxygen needed for digestion, to promote the absorption of carcinogens.

4- Eat sour fruits. Fruits such as oranges or kiwis are high in acid, which can inhibit ptyalin, which helps digest carbohydrates, and make digestion more difficult.

5- Take a long nap. Sleep should not last more than 20-30 minutes, because after this time it is no longer so beneficial. Do not start it earlier than 30 minutes after finishing your meal; This way, the stomach can rest and begin digestion, and you will avoid heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux.

6- Drink coffee or tea. Coffee and tea contain chemicals called tannins, which when taken after meals can affect the absorption of iron during digestion.

7- Eat very cold or hot food. The stomach is ready to eat food at a temperature similar to that of the body itself. Therefore, eating them too cold or hot will put additional stress on the stomach and make digestion difficult.

8- Take a shower. During meals, body temperature rises slightly as blood moves to the digestive organs. Taking a hot shower immediately after eating will further increase your body temperature and draw blood away from your digestive organs, making digestion difficult or causing indigestion or upset stomach if the meal was heavy.

A woman is taking a shower.

9- Wear tight-fitting clothes. You’ll likely feel bloated after eating, so if you’re wearing constrictive clothing, you’ll not only feel very uncomfortable, but you may also suffer from reflux or heartburn.

10- Brush your teeth. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, but it is important to spend at least 30 minutes brushing your teeth after eating. If you have eaten acidic food, brushing your teeth immediately may damage your tooth enamel. Ideally, wait about 30 minutes.

Try to take a break from eating whenever possible and leave for later all those things that may interfere with digestion. Monitoring your habits will allow you to identify those seemingly harmless actions that can lead to bitterness in your stomach and you.

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