Tensions around Alcoyano continue to escalate: Ramirez announces criminal charges against the mayor and shareholder

ALICANTE. Juan Carlos Ramirezlargest shareholder Alcoyano, announces criminal activities. This is done through a statement issued by the club, in which the mayor Alcoy Tony French and former advisor Santiago Pastor for his demonstrations in recent days.

The legal services of Alcoyano consider as punishable (they understand that they correspond to the characteristics of the crimes of libel and/or libel) certain statements made by the first mayor of Alcoyano (at a press conference on Friday, partly compiled a few hours later into the statement that followed it) and the aforementioned minority shareholder (in social networks).

The same, in which Ramirez is accused of using “mafia forms”, followed a statement in which the blue and white club partially revealed its decision to change Alcoy to La Nucia. How it went Alicante PlazaAlcoyano has effected a change of registered office, followed by the name and other distinguishing elements, to the extent permitted by the rules Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). His goal is for the team Vicente Parras play their official matches (from First Federation And Spanish Cup) as local in Camilo Cano Sports City La Nucia. This move will also be accompanied by the location of La Nucia’s main team in Alcoy with the aim of playing Collao their matches, for example, Third Federation. This is a change of cards that the RFEF must sanctify, but also Supreme Sports Council Alcoyano is Sports joint-stock company.

Contrary to what it may seem, there are several precedents that predict that the so-called “Operation Ramirez” will continue. One of them in his province of AlicanteWith Intercity. He Badalona Futurfor his part, spent three years playing Llagostera Do it VicPassing Badalonaand with the intention of competing in 2024/25 V Lleida.

Needless to say, Alcoyano fans are up in arms: next Saturday they will demonstrate in the streets of Alcoyá ahead of the Alcoyano-Intercity match that will see the two teams end their rivalry. league season 2023/24.

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