Tesla Cybertruck autonomy disappoints in first tests

01/05/2024 12:06

Updated 01/05/2024 12:06

When more than four years have passed since then Elon Musk announced numerous features of its first electric pickup truck, one of them, perhaps the most notable, warned of an excellent range: more than 800 kilometers. But throughout development, Tesla engineers found it very difficult to meet all the requirements laid out by the American tycoon.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been on US roads for several weeks now. The first customers, the most successful ones, carry out the first tests in real conditions. and some of the numbers aren’t particularly positive.

A year after Musk himself announced the arrival of the Cybertruck, Tesla CEO announced the launch new generation of batteries, the already famous 4680 cells. As with the truck, early data is really encouraging. Excellent performance and autonomy data that has been present for some time, although it has not met all expectations. It is known around the world that Tesla is having problems with its innovative batteries and that it has gone so far as to seek help from its partners to increase their capacity. The Tesla cybertruck has them and this may be one of the reasons for the low performance obtained.

The first deliveries correspond to the most expensive example in the entire line with a base price of $100,000.

The first results of autonomy are disappointing

As we already said, the first deliveries of the Cybertruck have already been made. The waiting list is huge, with an estimated number of nearly two million customers. are waiting for the unit, although many of them, the last ones, will have to wait a long time to receive their precious electric truck.

Tesla is currently offering a special launch version that is more expensive, and anyone who wants to jump the line will have to pay the nearly €100,000 that Austin residents are asking for it, not including any of the many options available.

One of them is a range extender. For the first time in its history, Tesla is installing a battery that expands the pickup’s range of use. This is an expensive option, $16,000, and only with it can you get closer to the initial figures announced in 2019, which, we recall, amounted to 800 kilometers of autonomy. We now know that the Cybertruck has a 122.4 kWh battery, allowing it to announce Approved flight range 320 miles 515 kilometers according to the EPA cycle (USA). in Hyperbeast configuration and without support for a second battery. This is the version tested Out of specificationswell-known specialized channel on YouTube.

The test turned out to be very simple. Take the Cybertruck and cruise at 70 mph (113 km/h) until the battery drains completely. Test conditions also include an external temperature of 8 degrees Celsius. After several hours of driving, The electric pickup truck came to a complete stop after traveling 254 miles 409 kilometers.. The figure is much lower than approved and expected. Yes, it’s true that the cold could be a significant factor in the loss of range, but to be honest, everyone expected much more from a car that has been talked about so much in recent years. We’re sure to see more testing of this style in different circumstances soon.

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