Tesla Cybertruck ridiculed on social media after getting stuck in snow

“I’ll call Elon, he’ll get you out of this situation,” said the people who discovered the scene. (Instagram: ramseyackad / @6sixmiked)

Waiting for arrival Tesla Cybertruck has been popular since it was announced as a reliable electric truck ready to tackle any type of terrain.

However, in recent times, the reality seems to be in contrast to the brand’s promises as several videos have gone viral on social media showing Cybertruck encountered difficulties driving on snowy roads, which caused a wave of reactions and ridicule among Internet users.

General Director of the company, Elon Muskeven mentioned that it would be a great car for extreme situations such as the apocalypse.

However, critics are taking cues from Cybertrucks being seen to have problems in the snow to question whether the electric truck will live up to its promises. “I’ll call Elon“He’ll get you out of there!” is heard in a video circulating on social media.

Some people note that truck drivers are used to warm climates where they don’t have to deal with snowy roads. (Photo composition: information)

Users and experts note that the situation could have happened for several reasons. The Electrek portal notes that this may be due to the demographic group that purchased the first copies of the car.

“First-time truck buyers, mostly truck aficionados, are likely to Tesla, get those first units and don’t get used to pickup trucks. “They may think they can handle everything at once, when in fact it takes some skill,” they explained.

Likewise, in the comments to the video posted as a reel, instagramThere are users who think that this is due to the tires, since they are designed for urban conditions.

“Pretty simple solution…change your tires!! From what I saw, they were equipped with street tires, and if this is true, then no car with these tires is going anywhere,” Aaron Grill shared on social media.

At the launch, the company noted that the new car was created for “any planet.” (Tesla)

There shouldn’t be any problems with Cybertruck It moves easily through the snow thanks to its height off the ground and dual motors.

This is, of course, provided that it has good grip, which is achieved with suitable tires or snow chains.

Currently, Tesla delivers the car mainly to California And Texas. For this reason, many California drivers who are generally not used to snow may try to drive their Cybertrucks through the snowy mountains thinking that they will have no difficulty, however in some cases additional elements may be added such as chains or even caterpillars. necessary. .

As such, videos like this should not be taken as a definitive measure of a car’s capabilities.

ND – Woodworking Art is committed to presenting a hand-crafted version of the Cybertruck that accurately imitates even the interior details of the original. (Photo composition by Infobae)

Businessman, Elon Musk, You can receive a gift that is as atypical as it is unique: a CyberTruck made entirely of wood. The project, which took shape in just 100 days, was implemented by a famous master in YouTube How ND – Woodworking art.

Moreover, this peculiar car is not only an aesthetic copy, but also a functional one.

The master tried to imitate all the details of the famous electric car. His work, from the angular shape to the life-like interior decorations such as the steering wheel and screen, has drawn admiration from netizens.

To make it even more real, he installed a metal base, made the suspension work, and placed the batteries inside the car’s frame. He even made tires out of wood, showing his dedication to detail.

The craftsman built the car from scratch. (ND – Woodworking art)

Although it does not have the protection measures that road cars usually have, TeslaThis wooden model really works and can accommodate four people.

Creator, citing most recent purchase Elon Musk, place an illuminated “X” on the driver’s door. In addition, in his video, he said that he would like to gift this special project to the businessman.

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