text formatting tools become available

Text tools have arrived in WhatsApp to completely change the way you write messages.

WhatsApp Messages Revolution: Text Formatting Tools Become Accessible
WhatsApp completely changes the way you write messages: now the user is in control

Text tools available in WhatsApp. The world’s most popular messaging app just got an update that improves and completely changes the way you write messages. These new features They arrive with the beta update applications for phones with the Android operating system.

It is not yet known when this new feature will be integrated into the stable version of the application for iOS and Android or appear in other versions of WhatsApp, such as the desktop and browser versions. While this is unfolding, let’s take a look how text tools work in whatsapp.

WhatsApp Text Tools: How You Can Use Them on Android

WhatsApp introduced these tools in beta version of the iOS app. Since then, no changes have been made to it: the same utilities are now integrated into the beta version of the Android application.

An image that works for WABetaInfo shows how you can use these elements to change text formatting in WhatsApp. The available options are interesting for the programming field.allowing you to send formatted blocks of code.

WhatsApp Messages Revolution: Text Formatting Tools Become Accessible

These new options are:

  • code block: allows you to easily share and above all read the code in WhatsApp messages. To activate it, you must integrate a serious accent into the messages you send.
  • Meeting block– is designed to reply or reply to certain parts of WhatsApp messages and “>” is used to activate it.
  • Lists: allows you to create lists of items either numerically or simply item by item. To do this, use “*” or “-” and a number if you want them numbered.

The changes to the way you write on WhatsApp may not seem radical, but they completely change how you use the app. Now it will be possible to share much more than just messages, opening up the possibility of integration into other types of environments..

Being a feature that is already available on both iOS and Android, in beta, We just have to wait for WhatsApp to make a move and integrate them into the stable versions of the app.. Meanwhile, if you want to give it a try, you will only need to install the versions mentioned.

WhatsApp is likely to make more changes to the app over the next few weeks. We will keep abreast of all news to inform you as quickly as possible.

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