Thanks to the Nuclear Medicine Service of the Hospital de Cruces.

Thanks to the Nuclear Medicine Service of the Hospital de Cruces.E.P.

Good morning, I would like to thank to Cruces Hospital, especially the entire nuclear medicine team, sweet treatment of my 5 year old son (5 and a half years old as he says). My son was examined yesterday and the entire team did their best to help him. They may not have known, and I sincerely wish they knew, about the great gift they gave us yesterday. They made it easy for us, my son, my husband, and me. They made him feel very comfortable despite the circumstances.

I still hallucinate with them. Everyone was amazing. During those times, while they could have simply continued to do their jobs, their humanity and affection were crucial. We walked nervously, knowing that perhaps our son would struggle due to pain during the tests, as always happens. There are many doctors and many tests in life. Quite the opposite happened. They deserve it. As soon as they saw him walk in with Harry Potter’s wand, everyone immediately went 100% into the topic, constantly and at every opportunity. They asked him about his favorite house at Hogwarts school and even cast spells on it to keep it still. They spoke to him in his language, and the result was incredible.

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