The 10 best doctors in the world today

  • For the first time, a ranking was made with the best scientists in the world and includes areas such as Medicine, Biology and Chemistry.
  • The list of the best active doctors in the world is headed by the American Walter C. Willett.
  • Most of those chosen are professors and researchers from Harvard University.

The field of health is one of the most complicated that exists. You have to go a long way and the competition is always of the highest quality. For the same reason, being able to stand out within the guild is quite difficult. While doing it globally is a daunting task. Despite the above, some people have achieved it and today they top the list of best doctors in the worldYou know who they are?

To begin with, making a selection of this type seems like a very complex job because first the parameters to be considered must be defined. Therefore, never before has anyone taken the risk of making such a list.

Today’s Top Scientists

While this 2022, after years of planning, a unique project of its kind has finally materialized. It is a research focused on identifying the thousand best scientists in the world today.

Behind this project is the digital platform Research. It is one of the most important scientific research portals in the world. Its mission is to make it easier for professors, research fellows and those studying for a doctorate or master’s degree to progress their research and to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest worldwide conferences and publications related to their work. .

How were the winners chosen?

For the first edition of this work, more than 10 thousand active scientists from all over the world were analyzed. While the classification was made with the “H-index data” method collected by Microsoft Academic. It is a metric that allows evaluating the qualitative and quantitative impact of a researcher based on the relationship between their publications and the times they have been cited.

For its part, the final results can be divided into the different areas that involve science. In this case, what concerns us is what is related to health and that is why we share with you the names that head the list of best doctors in the world.

Top level specialists

In the first position is Walter C. Willett. He is a physician and researcher specializing in Nutrition. Currently, he is a professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the School of Public Health of the Harvard University and was chair of the Department of Nutrition from 1991 to 2017.

Willett is the principal investigator for the second Nurses’ Health Study (NHS2 or NHS II), a compilation of studies on the health of older women and their risk factors for major chronic diseases. She has also published more than 1,500 scientific articles on various aspects of diet and disease and is the second most cited author in clinical medicine in the world.

While in second position is Graham A. Colditz. He studied medicine at the University of Queensland in Australia and then specialized in Epidemiology at the Harvard University.

He is currently a professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, where he also serves as Associate Director of Prevention and Control at the Cancer Center. He also directs the Master’s in Population Health Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of the same institution.

He is internationally recognized for his leadership in cancer prevention. He is often interviewed in the media for information on this topic. According to Google Scholar statistics, Colditz has the highest rating of any living author, second only to Michel Foucault.

For now, we share with you a graph prepared by the team at salutary with the 10 best doctors in the world today. If you want to consult the complete list, you can review it at this link.

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