The 10 best volumizing glosses for your lips

    Although this is not always the case, this 2023 there are two makeup super trends that blend wonderfully. We talk about the return of the ‘glosses’ of lips on the one hand and volume effect in the same by another. The coolest thing is that not only are they not incompatible, but they need each other. do you want some plump lips but are you afraid of needles? So, you have come to the right article.

    Volume effect lip gloss

    We all know that to show off fuller lips extended in time, we have no choice but to go through our trusted aesthetic clinic. There they will resort to the glorious injectable from hyaluronic acid to get fuller and bigger lips as if by magic. However, and luckily for those who refuse to lie down on a stretcher or are only looking for a temporary effect, there is a non-invasive alternative What we love and what works: the volumizing ‘glosses’.

    Thanks to them, you will be able to show off your favorite lipsticks in a more remarkable way or, if you prefer, bet on a much more natural look because they are also super pretty on their own. The question is… How do they work and why are they so effective?

    How do volumizing lip glosses work?

    The key is, obviously, in its formulation. This has ingredients that, as a general rule, cause a reaction on your skin and, consequently, a slight swelling. More specifically, we speak of mild irritants as derivatives of the chilli, cinnamon or mint. By putting them in contact with our lips, the irritation causes the blood to rise to the surface of the skin, so the volume effect attend to that, a temporary swelling. There are also some brands that bet on bee venom, whose operation is based on the way it tricks the skin, making it ‘think’ that it has been stung by one. Lighter and less noticeable results are those that contain hyaluronic acid.

    Tips for use and precautions

    Regarding the use of bee venom, you have to know that no dermatologist would recommend it for sensitive skin, with severe allergies and/or atopic. Something easily applicable also to ingredients that are too irritating. On the other hand, experts say that excessive use of them could lose effectiveness over time.

    As for the usage guide, all you have to do is apply them as if it were a normal liquid lipstick. In a few seconds you will begin to notice the freshness and/or itching that each brand promises. Hold on a bit and, after a few minutes, you can use another permanent lipstick or not.

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