the 19 best looks to inspire us in the style of the actress day and night

Since we saw her in small roles in series in her teenage years (remember that she was part of the cast of ‘Malcolm’) to big productions like ‘The Favorite’ or ‘Cruella’; Emma Stone has become one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood.

Discreet as well as highly sought after by the paparazzi, Stone has managed to find the middle ground between her private and public life. In her appearances, she always highlights her outfits. His deep relationship with Louis Vuitton (the firm of which he is the image) is one of his hallmarks of stylistic identity that we review with the best 19 looks seen to date. These can inspire us to create outfits for day and night.

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How is the style of Emma Stone

Stone’s style travels between the sweetness of the use of ruffles and pastel colors and the timeless sophistication of two-piece suits in neutral tones. The actress, a lover of wardrobe basics, knows how to make the most of a white shirt, while she wears a risky metallic dress without slipping in the attempt. Thus, we could describe her style as na├»ve and elegant.

As we have already mentioned, Emma Stone and Louis Vuitton have had a close relationship since 2017, so a large part of their outfits for special events they are signed by the French house. For day to day, she loves jeans and comfortable clothes.

Emma Stone: the best 19 looks that inspire us

The versatility of the actress’s style makes her outfits in an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Although it is not easy to select only 19 outfitswe activate our fashion radar to find those choices that are worthy of the advanced students of the class in matters of style.

Jeans, his favorite informal garment

Emma Stone Style Jpg

Without a doubt, The cowboy is the garment that repeats the most in his outfits street. In this case, we see her with a classic light wash skinny jean in the company of other lifelong pieces, such as black ankle boots or a matching blazer. A outfits ten to go to the office without complicating our lives.

Emma Stone Style 3

He loves jeans so much he does not hesitate to wear them also in official presentations. Here, with a flattering model culottes along with a satin shirt and original geometric heeled shoes.

Don’t miss an American

In line with the power of the cowboy, Stone also tends to go for blazers. Whether it’s for a black-tie event or to walk around town, the actress knows that they fit like a glove and that they are a garment with no expiration date.

Emma Stone Style 4

An example of how to wear a blazer for a party: combine it with sequin pants and a chain belt. East look was chosen to attend the parade of the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019 collection.

Emma Stone Style 5

The enormous possibilities that an American woman offers us make it possible for us to play with the pattern to create different shapes. To attend the Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2018/2019 show, Emma wore a beautiful blazer fitted to her waist.

Long live the suits

This category is important. The actress usually opts for gala dresses to attend most events, but the two-piece suits are increasingly appreciated by the actress (we already love this phenomenon).

Emma Stone Style 6

Black and white, the perfect combination to face timeless sophistication. Signed by Louis Vuitton, this style that Stone wore to present ‘Cruella’ in Los Angeles was one of our favorites of 2021. Attention to the red bag, a success.

Emma Stone Style 4 7

The suits are not only classic cut and dyed black, Emma Stone confirms this with a two-piece from the Louis Vuitton autumn-winter 2022/23 collection. this two piece oversized in gray it is pure beauty and it looks amazing with the minimalist metallic sandals.

one color, white

As a good lover of elegance, it is normal to see Stone in pristine white. especially with minimalist soul dresses (but always with a twist). Because yes, Emma defends to death that white dresses are the most off-road garment in our wardrobe, just like the street style.

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Emma Stone Style 15

At the 2017 Governors Awards, the actress became one of the best dressed at the gala with a magnificent white dress with a deep neckline signed by Louis Vuitton. The belt draws her figure and the metallic sandals close the outfits They are outstanding note.

Emma Stone Style 43

A year earlier, in 2017, he was one of the stars of the Toronto International Film Festival. To present ‘The Battle of the Sexes’, Stone dressed a magnificent piece with golden chain straps. The metallic bag is the perfect finishing touch (pun intended).

His bedside shoes, some stilettos

There is no debate here, when it comes to formal dress, Stone confirms that the timeless stilettos they have no possible rival and here we have five proofs of it.

Emma Stone Style 14

One of the outfits The most talked about day of the 2018 Venice Film Festival was this. Stone shone with some shorts white and a striped shirt, at one’s feet stilettos golden. A combo of Louis Vuitton.

Emma Stone Style 15

We are still at the mythical Venice Festival, in this case, the 2018 edition. For the occasion, the American dressed in a total look by Fendi (part of the Fendi Resort 2019 collection). Again, the choice of footwear is about stilettos.

Emma Stone Style 18

Before her alliance with Louis Vuitton, it was usual to see her with clothes from other high-end firms, such as Valentino. We travel all the way back to 2014 to remember her wearing Rockstud shoes to appear on ‘Good Morning America’. Currently, These heeled shoes are still for sale in different designs.

Emma Stone Style 19

We know: is not a look suitable for all tastes. Louis Vuitton is to blame for this floral print two-piece. A outfits spotted on the red carpet at the 2018 Palm Springs Film Festival. Mind you, the stilettos with metallic tip are a great bet.

Emma Stone Style 20

Stone not only wears stilettos at night, she also wears them during the day and this style proves it. With an imposing coat in sand color and some stilettos naked with metallic toe cap, Stone creates a look ten to working girl of classical essence.

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The dresses for the night: metallic, with sequins or rhinestones

We jump to the last category, dresses for gala events. Both to attend the Oscar Awards ceremony or to be seen in events as significant for the world of the seventh art as the London Film Festival, the metallic, sequins or rhinestones are not usually lacking in their outfits.

Emma Stone

The leading actress of ‘La La Land’ was one of the best dressed at the 91st Academy Awards in a Louis Vuitton design. The model stood out for its brown tones, the fabric full of sequinss and the original cut in the shoulder area.

Emma Stone Style 9

With a futuristic air, this Louis Vuitton metallic dress in a silver tone with metallic threads is one of the most remarkable choices of his life in terms of style. Minimal design, it was worn at the London premiere of his movie ‘The Favorite’.

Emma Stone Style 8

We return to the sequins. In this case, with the dress selected to step on the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2019. Lined with silver sequins that emulated the scales of a fishthis Louis Vuitton design (of course) deserves an excellent.

Emma Stone Style 12

There are no Oscars without Emma Stone. In the 2017 edition, we saw her with a spectacular Haute Couture design by Givenchy. one piece braces, lace and beaded bodicewith a touch of lingerie, and a degraded fringed skirt.

Emma Stone Style 10

Who said you couldn’t go to short film presentations? No one. Emma Stone focused all eyes on the premiere of ‘La Favourite’ at the 2018 Venice Film Festival with a look from Louis Vuitton Resort 2019. The styling, made up of a blouse with slightly puffed sleeves and a mini wrap skirt in metallic blue with lilac touches, it is the most fashionable what will you see today

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