The 190 hp Cupra Ateca has a serious problem

When the Volkswagen group decided to create Cupra own brand knew very well that there would be many of them, especially those who previously had a sports division seat one of their reference points, those who were going to argue that the sportiness of the models of the new brand would come not only from the aesthetic part, but also from their engines.

It is no coincidence that the first model that the new brand put on sale was Atekaobviously the model obtained from seatbut with a petrol engine with no less than 300 horsepower, a mechanism that did nothing else, making it very clear that the brand’s sporty offer goes beyond changes in the aesthetic department.

Of course, as has already happened with other models Cupra The manufacturer, realizing that many turn to them precisely because of the sportiness in the aesthetic part, and not so much because of the engines, is the brand that decided to release a simpler version of this compact SUV. version with a less powerful engine, but still an interesting option for those looking for a little more sportiness.

It’s worth paying a little more to get a better Cupra Ateca.

In this case we are faced with Cupra Ateka With Gasoline engine with 190 horsepower power, which is linked to an automatic transmission and combines all-wheel drive, that is, the same traction and the same transmission as the most powerful engine, 300 hp.

Obviously, being a more powerful engine, it offers worse performance, and in return has a price of about 6000 euros lessa sum due to which many clearly understand that, given the costs of more than 45,000 euros for a model with these characteristics, they prefer to immediately choose the most powerful version, among other things because, in addition to having an engine with the best performance, it also has such parts, like exhaust pipes Akrapovich and brakes Brembo.

However, it is not surprising that the current version of access to Ateka achieved better sales figures compared to the most powerful version, the first to be launched on the market and which, logically, given its price, also did not have much impact on the market.

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