The $2 bill is one of the most sought after bills and can be worth up to $5,000.

He ticket $2 ($2.00) has become a treasure among collectors and sells on the numismatic market for much more than its face value. According to United States Currency Auctions (USCA), some pieces, such as the 1890 edition, can fetch more than $4,000, but the 1976 series stands out and can fetch $5,000 due to its features.

Heritage Auctions, a platform specializing in auctions numismatics, witnessed the craze generated by these bills. He sold a 2003 model with a low $2 serial number for a cool $2,400, which the lucky buyer then resold for $4,000. Banknotes with small serial numbers are a real magnet for collectors, and interest in them is only growing.

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