The 25 best cities to live in the United States, according to Fortune: it’s not Washington or Miami or New York

When it comes to settling somewhere with the family, the priorities include finding a city with a good school system for children, with low crime rates in order to achieve a sense of security, quality and close health care, as well as the community support. These factors become a difficult task to achieve, since the objective is that the chosen point fulfills all of them. fortune shared the 25 best places to live as a family in the United States.

In California, an area highly chosen by migrants, two cities located in places 12 and 20 on the list stood out. It’s all about Tustin and San Marcos. The first because it gives citizens great job, entertainment and educational opportunities, points out KTLA, while also having diverse offerings that encompass world-class shopping and dining. In this way equilibrium is reached. Plus, Tustin has easy access to Los Angeles and the coast.

Secondly, San Marcos is a suburb of San Diego where 100,000 people live.. Among his highlights were his school district and also the weather, because it allows for the recreational activities that can be done in the city’s parks and trails program.

Tustin has several activities available for resident families
Tustin has several activities available for resident familiesfortune

to be able to know What are the best cities to live in the United States?, fortune had to do an extensive study in which he analyzed more than 2,000 and also 215,000 data points that were divided according to five categories:

In addition to the factors, the researchers focused on meeting the needs of the so-called Sandwich Generation, which includes those who have children and are responsible for their upbringing, while taking care of their parents. Fortune estimated that 45% of Americans are found here.

Another of the determining points was the price of housing, which is why the report eliminated those areas that were more than double the state average or more than 2.75 times higher than the national average.

Likewise, the study ruled out any city where 90% of the population was of entirely American roots and also did not select more than two cities per state or more than one city per county or metropolitan area.

Without forgetting all of the above, these are the 25 best cities to live in, according to fortune.

Ann Arbor is home to a vibrant food scene with over 400 restaurants and an annual restaurant week
Ann Arbor is home to a vibrant food scene with over 400 restaurants and an annual restaurant weekfortune

fortune He considered that it is not only a university town, but also that there is no lack of activities for the young or the young at heart. He detailed that although the university was the largest employer in the area, there are many jobs available in technology and in the automobile industry, as well as excellent health care.

Likewise, emphasized that local schools are the best and activities for families abound such as concerts, parades and festivals. In addition to that, residents can access more than 160 parks, such as the Nichols Arboretum or the Huron River, as well as very walkable areas.

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